Shark leaps into boat and scares passengers

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What's one of the worst case scenarios when shark fishing? Well, these fishermen may have experienced that on a recent fishing trip. The video footage of a close encounter with a mako shark was posted by the TikTok account @careychenart, the video was viewed more than 577,000 times at time of publishing.

In the video above, the men on the boat cheered the fisherman who caught the shark then the mako shark suddenly flew right out of the water and crashed onto the boat's deck surprising two fishermen.

The shortfin mako shark, also called the blue pointer or bonito shark, is actually the fastest shark on Earth. It reaches up to 32 kilometers per hour which is 20 miles per hour, but can reach up to 42 miles an hour in short bursts. The shortfin mako shark can jump up to 9 meters height or 29 feet in the air, according to Sharks World. Scientists still aren’t sure why Mako sharks love to jump out of the water, but it’s theorized that they are searching for prey over the water surface, according to the Sharkinsider.

These creatures are relatively large sharks, and usually measure around 10 ft. on average. Female mako sharks are larger than males. (source) Shortfin mako sharks are found from New England to Florida, in the Gulf of Mexico from Florida to Texas, and in the Caribbean Sea.

Here's some more footage of another mako shark jumping high out of the water.

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