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5 Best Burger Places In Spokane To Check Out

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If you want to offend someone when talking about food, tell them the best burger place for their town cannot be found in their town.

Take it from me, this was a mistake because it is exactly what I did in this article.

Now, that to say, I did learn about a lot of amazing places to eat burgers in Spokane, Washington. Some of them were a little suspect. Others were quite amazing. So, I thought, I might compile a list of places I have been, that have been suggested to me, and that the review websites are telling us are the best.

What Qualifies As The Best

When looking at the 'best' burger place in Spokane, we need to be thinking about a lot of different aspects of the restaurant. That said, it doesn't need to be overly complicated either. So, I have three main criteria:

  1. Quality of food
  2. Price
  3. Atmosphere

Yes, their beer selection might need to be good. For my wife, the fries need to be quality too. My kids aren't going to want a bunch of extra stuff that they will need to scrape off the patty. Yet, it isn't hard to nail things down with these three qualities listed above.

One more thing to note, sometimes, there are intangibles that change everything and can set aside these qualities. So, the user beware.

5 Best Burger Places In Spokane

Alright, now that I have qualified how I am coming up with these places, here comes your list for artery-clogging, taste-bud dancing, burger crawling around Spokane.


Wisconsinburger is a locally owned Spokane restaurant inspired by the mom-and-pop burger shops in Wisconsin. Our beef is locally sourced and ground fresh every morning to give you the best possible burger experience! We hope you enjoy! - From their website

This was suggested in the comments of that previous article. So, I took the family out and we got some burgers here. They are damn good. Now, the price is a bit much for a family of five. But, the burgers were excellent and the atmosphere was really great too.

The Backyard Public House

They call themselves "Spokane's 5 Star Dive Bar," but nothing about this place is a dive bar. They tout indoor and outdoor seating. A wider range of beer and some great specialty items. The burgers taste great, but again, the price was a bit much for what you get in my opinion.

Cascadia Public House Gonzaga

Cascadia Public House is a locally owned and operated Northwest Gastropub. We focus on highlighting local farmers and ingredients with an emphasis on sustainability for the future. - From their website

They have two locations which are great. The food is locally sourced. The atmosphere is amazing. But once again, the price is a bit high. However, it is an awesome place for lunch and they have a happy hour which is well worth it.

Incredibliburger and Eggs

The menu reminds me of places I would have eaten at in Portland, Oregon and it looks really good. Plus, they have a $3.99 on everything Happy Hour! And, Incrediburger and Eggs are open 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM daily. I've also written about this place as being super kid-friendly.

Prohibition Gastropub

Seeing as they call themselves a gastropub, I'm going to throw the dollar amount requirement out the window. That said, the food looks good and the atmosphere looks pretty good too. I have not been to this place yet, but it has been suggested on several occasions to me.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, five places in Spokane, Washington for the best burgers in town based on experience, reviews, and suggestions. Now, there are a ton of places around town and I will work my way around to the different places.

If you have any suggestions, please feel free to leave them in the comments so we can all find the best burger in town together.

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