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Kid-Friendly Restaurants In Spokane According To Reviews

R.A. Heim

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It can be hard to find a place to eat that works well with kids in any city.

Yet, in the city of Spokane, Washington we can find ourselves at some really great places and some real busts. As a dad of three, I am always trying to figure out what the best places will be to take the family out to eat that is more than just McDonalds or Burger King.

That's why I always turn to the reviews on Google and Yelp to try and find the best places to go.

In fact, we have a shortlist now that we will slowly work our way around over the spring and summer to try out including a few that I have not been to in ages. So, I thought I'd share my shortlist with you to see if you have been there and if so if you would agree to the "kid-friendly."

5 Kid-Friendly Restaurants to Try Based on Reviews

Now, this is a list of places I want to go with my family. We have not been there yet, and I am basing this list on reviews, photos, and what I have heard. So, if you read one of these places and think it's nuts to take your kids there, let me know!

Frank's Diner

This is one of those places that just looks fun. Frank's Diner is open 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM daily and according to their menu, it has all the typical diner foods, breakfast, burgers, and shakes. They are also located at two locations, one in downtown Spokane and one in North Spokane. We are looking forward to checking this place.

Molly's Family Restaurant

I have driven past this place a lot of times and never thought about actually stopping in there for a meal. However, reviews on this place make me curious to try it out. Molly's is open from 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM daily and their menu is also a very traditional style menu. So, it might be worth stopping in for a late breakfast/brunch which we love in our house.

Kalico Kitchen

This is another one of those traditional diner-type places to eat. Maybe this post should have been called the diner post, either way, this is what we are seeing with Kalico Kitchen. Their hours have been changing with Covid requirements, but you can always call in or check out their website. Either way, we are going to be checking this place out.

The Flying Goat

Now, this is a gastropub-type place. When it kept coming up in my research I figured I would put it on the list to hear what others think. The Flying Goat is open 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM and has a pretty extensive beer and food list. Is this a place to go, not sure. You tell me, but we might go for it.

Incrediburger and Eggs

This place looks like a great dine-in or take-out place to eat for sure. The menu reminds me of places I would have eaten at in Portland, Oregon and it looks really good. Plus, they have a $3.99 on everything Happy Hour! And, Incrediburger and Eggs is open 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM daily. Just writing about this place and looking at their website has really got me excited about heading over here for Happy Hour!

Final Thoughts

Now, we don't eat out all the time, but sometimes it is nice to get out and not cook. When we go out to eat, we want food to taste great, be reasonable in price, and have a great atmosphere. And of course, with three daughters, we want to go to a place that will work with us and our kids.

So, here are five places we are going to check out. Have you been to any of them? Tell me what you think in the comments below!

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