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The Best Burger Place In Spokane Isn't In Spokane

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When I am looking for a good hamburger, I don't want cheap garbage food that will make me sick. I also don't want to overpay for something that isn't going to fill me up or taste good either. I want something that tastes good, doesn't break the bank and will keep me full.

After living in Spokane for almost three years now, I finally found the place. The problem is, this place isn't in Spokane, it's over in Post Falls, ID.

Now, before you decide that I am crazy and that Post Falls is too far away. Remember that there are people who will travel an hour on their morning commute. Or maybe, it's because you think it's too far to go to "another state" for lunch.

The truth of the matter is that people will go across town to Chick-fil-A, and wait for an hour, but won't travel 30 minutes across state lines for something good. Well, I want to change your mind today. Because I have found one of the best burger places around and it isn't in Spokane.

Rogers Ice Cream & Burgers

My wife and I moved from Portland, Oregon to Spokane, Washington about three years ago. Oddly enough, the thing we missed most was good food. Sure, there are tons of places to eat in Spokane, but there isn't anything that really stands out unless you want to pay $50 for two people.

When a friend told us about Rogers, we decided to make the trek to Post Falls and find out if it was really that good. Well, I have news for you, it's amazing. I like it better than In-And-Out.

Rogers Ice Cream & Burgers is amazing for several reasons:

First, their beef is locally sourced and never frozen. It comes right from the Pacific Northwest like most of their ingredients. This is probably one of the main reasons the food is so good. Plus, it is great to hear that they are supporting the local economy too.

Second, all of their food is made to order. This is true of the burgers, milkshakes, french fries, and kettle-style chips. When you order your burger and fries, you know they weren't made 30 minutes ago and have been sitting under a heat lamp.

Third, they aren't super expensive. We are a family of five and we can get out of their feeding us all for less than $40! While it's not the main thing for us, it really makes a difference when your dollar goes a lot farther and the food is good.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a burger that is filling, made with local ingredients, and not super expensive, this is your place. Is it worth the drive? Yes, it is completely worth the drive. Can you find another place like it in the Spokane area? No, unless I'm missing it.

If you know of a burger place like Rogers in Spokane, be sure to leave a comment and let us all know. Until then, you better head over to Post Falls and grab a burger. You won't regret it.

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