Ways to know if your lifestyle suits a Bengal cat

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Bengal cats are beautiful. Often, they are larger than your average house cat, have striking patterns on their coats, and project a very regal appearance. However, they're not entirely suited to everyone's lifestyle.

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What are Bengal cats?

Named after a leopard cat's scientific name, the Bengal cat is a domesticated cat breeds that comes from hybrids of domestic cats like the Egyptian Mau and Abyssinian with the wild leopard cat. With this, it maintains it exotic look without the danger. Often, the Bengal cat is prized for its coat, intelligence, and love for movement.

If you wonder if you should get a Bengal cat, the answer is: It depends. Here are some things that you should consider.

Activity Level

While there are definitely some cat breeds that don't need a lot of exercise, Bengals are not one of them.

Because they are a little more wild than other cat breeds who have been domesticated much longer, Bengals require more physical activity to remain happy (and not destroy your furniture).

Additionally, Bengal cats take easily to harness training. Some owners of Bengal cats even report their feline friends enjoying swimming.

Mid to Large Spaces

Many cats don't need a lot of space to be happy. However, the wildness in Bengals make them crave spaces wherein they can explore. Bengals benefit from having a lot of space to climb and jump on.

For this reason, small condominiums or cages aren't ideal to give them the best possible life. A Bengal cat is much better suited to large areas such as houses, outdoor enclosures, and so on.

Alternatively, you may also invest in creating vertical spaces like shelves, cat trees, or bridges to make the most out of small places.

Mental Stimulation

Bengals, like most cats, are intelligent animals. Similar to their big cat relatives in the wild, Bengal cats require mental stimulation.

While lions and tigers get a lot of joy from catching various types of prey, Bengal cats also require plenty of playtime to remain content.

To keep your Bengal intellectually engaged, you can invest in toys like laser pointers, cat wands, or catnip-filled stuffed toys.

Bengals aren't for everyone

When it comes to cat breeds, Bengal cats can be a lot to handle. While cats in general aren't so difficult to take care of, some breeds like Bengals need a little more effort for them to have a full and happy life.

Before committing to owning a Bengal cat, make sure that you can afford to give it a life wherein it can thrive. After all, like any pet, it can be your companion for a very long time.

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