Considerations when choosing a harness for walking your cat

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Most people think of dogs when they think of pets that can walk on a harness or leash. However, they're not the only kind of animal that can enjoy walking with you on a bright, sunny day. In fact, you can even train a feline to walk comfortably in a harness.

When done right, harness training an indoor cat can open up a world of possibilities. Not only can they experience the world in new and amazing ways, but they can do it safely. In fact, harness training a cat can lead to an enriching life and multiple shared experiences together.

Why you shouldn't put your cat on a leashed collar

Cats are not suited to collars with a leash because of several reasons. Unlike dogs, walking cats is often a more agile experience. Aside from walking on the flat ground, cats will also try to jump on benches and railings. Occasionally, they may also attempt to enter bushes and tight spaces.

With this, it's possible for them to get strangled by collars. In addition, it is difficult to retrieve them when they are squeezed in odd areas.

When you use a harness, you can easily lift a cat's whole body. You can also gently pull them out of spaces without the risk of strangling them. But, not all harnesses are equal.

So, how do you go about choosing a harness for your cat?


Depending on the breed of your cat, they may require a full, mesh support or thin straps. For example, long-haired breeds like Persian or Himalayan cats will not be comfortable with harnesses that will make them feel too warm during summer. Alternatively, short-haired breeds may prefer a harness that provides extra warmth during the cold season.


All cat owners know about how their furry friends can manage to get in and out of tight places. For this reason, an ill-fitting harness can allow your cat to slip out unintended. On the other hand, harnesses that are too tight can cause discomfort and injury.


While there are definitely a host of fashionable harnesses in the market today, it is best to invest in a bright-colored harness when your cat is learning to walk. In an event that your cat manages to escape your view, a bright-colored harness will make it easier to spot them. In addition, bright-colored harnesses can make it easier to describe them if they end up lost.

Find the Perfect Harness for Your Cat

Harness training a cat can be challenging at first. However, it's well worth the effort to be able to let your feline experience the outside world safely. Harness training makes it possible to travel together with your cat to more places with less worrying for everyone.

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