Spaying, separating, and other methods for preventing unwanted kitten litters

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Every year, there are hundreds of thousands of unwanted kittens on the streets. In fact, this contributes to the millions of healthy animals which are euthanized annually.

If you have a healthy, fertile feline in your home, it can be challenging to keep them from any accidents. Here are some ways that you can prevent unwanted pregnancies today.

Have Your Cat Spayed

As soon as your cat reaches sexual maturity, having them spayed will prevent them from having any unwanted pregnancies. Female cats can be spayed as soon as they exhibit signs of their first heat cycle. Often, this comes when they are around 5 months old onwards.

Aside from preventing unwanted pregnancies, spaying also prevents many reproductive system-related illnesses. In the long term, it is also cheaper to spay a cat than it is to take care of multiple litters of kittens.

If you own any male cats, it's best if you also neuter them to avoid causing any unwanted pregnancies in your neighborhood.

Separate Male and Female Pet Cats

When cats are in heat, they're usually overwhelmed by their desire to mate. Often, they cannot tell the difference between parents, siblings, or strangers. For this reason, it is best to separate male and female cats in your household when any of the female cats are in heat.

Should you have multiple cats of different genders in your household, it is highly recommended that all cats are spayed and neutered to prevent inbreeding. This is because cats in heat will almost always try to escape any enclosures.

Keep Them Where You Can See Them

It's common for pet owners to let their cats go and do their thing. However, it's best to keep a cat in heat where you can see them.

While they are in heat, you can temporarily disallow them from going outdoors. Alternatively, you can create outdoor cat enclosures, so they can roam an area without being exposed to other cats.

Say No to Breeding

When we're so in love with our furbabies, it can be tempting to want another litter of them. However, it's important to remember that there are also thousands of homeless animals waiting to be loved.

By not breeding our cats and not buying cats from irresponsible breeders, we effectively allow for more living cats to find homes.

If you ever have the urge to add another kitten to your home, take the time to visit your local shelter and look around. You may even fall in love at first sight.

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