Adding the pet type, breed, and other ways to make Instagram usernames for your pet

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These days, everyone wants to be a viral social media star, even our pets! With their cute appearances and quirky personalities, some pets are naturals on and off the camera.

In fact, many of us even find pets Instagram accounts more interesting than their pet parents! However, it can be hard to stand out in a sea of pet influencers on Instagram. Thankfully, there are ways to do it.

If you're hoping to make your pet instafamous, here are some tips to make the perfect Instagram username.

Add the Type of Pet

One of the easiest ways to tell people that your account is a pet account is by adding the type of pet at the end, like “GrumpersTheCat.”

In addition, while many people have dogs and cats, pets of the more exotic nature can benefit from adding what kind of pet they are. For example, you can choose a name like “TataTheTortoise” or “DanaTheDragon.”

Insert the Breed

Pet lovers who are fans of certain breeds sometimes like to live vicariously through other people's experiences. For this reason, they may be out to follow accounts that post specifically about certain breeds.

For this, you can choose a username like “BengalBettina” or even shortened versions of a breed name like “SukiTheYorkie.”

Use Periods and Underscores

If your ideal pet Instagram name is already taken, don't fret! You can still sort of have it by adding things like periods and underscores.

For example, if “LuisaTheCat” is taken, you can opt for “” or “luisa_the_cat.” With this, you can make it easy to remember without being hard to type.

Make a Joint Instagram

Should you have two pets that go well as a pair, you can create an Instagram for both of them. This is best for odd couples like a cat and dog, an old dog and a puppy, or different species like a tortoise and a bearded dragon.

When making a joint Instagram account, you can prominently feature two different animals together and apart.

Add Yourself to the Equation

While many Instapet furparents like to avoid showing their faces on their pet Instagram accounts, it is possible to make it work. If you're just as charming as your pets, you may want to add your name to the username.

For example, you can put “LukeAndHisGoldfish” or “MelissaMaltipooMama.”

Create the Perfect Instagram Handle for Your Pets

Making an Instagram account for your pets can be a fun and memorable experience. In fact, choosing the username is just the beginning. With Instagram, you can document all their big and small moments and share it with the world.

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