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Family Pleads for Answers in Missing Transwoman's Cold Case

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Aubrey Dameron was 25 years old when she was last seen the morning of March 9, 2019. She left her mother’s home in Grove, Oklahoma around 3:30 am. Her family knows that she’d messaged several people to get a ride. However, it is unknown if she ever got a ride. Aubrey's phone's last ping was at 3:42 am close to her home, although it is not known whether it died or was shut off. Aubrey has not been seen or heard from since.

Her family is understandably devastated. Aubrey’s uncle Christian Fencer shared with People Magazine, that Aubrey didn’t know a stranger. He stated that,

If she saw someone who looked like they were maybe an outcast, she would be the person to welcome them in, and really sit down and get to know them. That's just who she was. She just wanted to make sure that everyone felt like they had a place in the world. Kind of like a mother hen, making sure that everyone was good and doing well.

Aubrey’s aunt, Pam Smith, would further confirm this in the same interview by saying Aubrey exhibited this sweet, kind spirit even after facing several challenges that coincided with transitioning in high school. Pam stated,

I would find out that people had been mean, and her reply every time was, 'It's okay, Aunt Pam. I'll just keep praying for them. I'll never forget the way she greeted people. The hug and the kiss on the cheek and, 'How are you? I love you.' She wanted to be accepted, she wanted to be loved, and she was full of love.
Aubrey Dameron has been missing for three years, three months and 4 days.This photo is from People Magazine via her uncle Christian Fencer.

Aubrey is a member of the Cherokee Nation and often was referred to by her nickname, Shorty. It was her dream to become a singer and actress. Now her family is left picking up the pieces trying to find answers to what really happened to her. Just as with other missing trans women, the officers dragged their feet in taking this case seriously. Though she was reported missing on March 11, 2019, Grove Police Department wouldn’t start their investigation for another 14 days. This is very similar to the police’s response in Sacoya Cooper’s case. They waited a staggering 22 days before they put her on the system as missing.

Even under these grave circumstances, Aubrey’s Uncle, Christian Fencer, remains hopeful. He would tell Missing in an interview that aired in November of last year,

I believe that we will eventually get the answers that we deserve. I believe that someone’s going to come forward, and the entire thing’s just going to blow open.

Aubrey disappeared at 25 years old. She is between 5’9” and 5’10” tall. She weighs 150-170 lbs. She typically wears her long auburn hair down and parted on the side. Anyone with information about Aubrey’s disappearance is asked to contact the FBI at 1-800-CALL-FBI or or the Cherokee Nation Marshal Service at 918-207-3800.

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