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15-Year-Old Alicia Bryant Still Missing out of Sacramento

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Alicia is a missing 15-year-old from Sacramento that is possibly a trafficking victim.Image from the Black and Missing Foundation

Alicia Aaliyah Marie Bryant, 15, disappeared on March 11 and hasn’t been seen since. Bryant is missing out of the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office, and her family is worried she could be a victim of human trafficking.

From a plea for answers that has gotten over 30,000 shares on Facebook, the family has received several tips that led them to a Motel 6 Between Stockton Boulevard and Power Inn Road in the Southern Sacramento region. The family performed their own stakeout, keeping the hotel under 24-hour surveillance over a weekend because they believed that Alicia was being held in a room against her will.

The family then called 911 requesting officers. However, upon arrival, the officers failed at entering the room. Deputies left, with the family no closer to getting Alicia home. The sheriff’s office has since claimed that they, could not find evidence connecting the teen to Motel 6.

Though the police are still actively investigating, Alicia’s mother, Marlene Davis, heart breaks even more with the absence of answers to her daughter’s whereabouts.

In a press conference with KRCA, Davis shared,

I just want to speak to my daughter. I just want to tell her I don’t care what she’s doing, I just want her home. I don’t care what’s going on. I just want her to come home or at least call me to let me know that she's OK.

This case has caught the attention of Empact, a nonprofit organization that highlights injustices and crimes against children in the Sacramento Area.

The founder, Leia Schenk, stated,

Our children are not for sale. Our children are not supposed to go missing. It’s not normal to go missing. Kids don’t just go missing; they’re taken! She has the right to be found. She has the right for the same outrage as we would for any other little girl walking in this community.

Alicia Aaliyah Marie Bryant is 15-years-old. She is 5’6” tall and 180lbs. She has a tattoo on her left thigh of stars and cherries. She has a tattoo on her chest that says “Jafari”. Her family describes her as really smart and unique, and are understandably anxious to get her home.

Please help bring Alicia home with any information you may have. You are encouraged to contact (510) 238-3641 or (650) 241-8736. Or you can call (916) 874-5115 to notify the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office.

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