3 More Contradictions about Lauren Smith-Field's Death

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Lauren Smith-Fields case was dormant for weeks before Cardi B posted about it on her social media page.Photos from her Instagram.

Lauren Smith-Fields tragically died December 12, 2021, after she was reported unresponsive by Matthew LaFountain – a Bumble date she allegedly met just 3 days prior. Her story didn't make the news and most of us didn't hear about it until Cardi B posted about it on her social media page.

Here is one of her most recent posts about this incident.

In my previous article, I listed 3 of the main contradictions that I found with this case. The article can be found here – Top 3 Contradictions about Lauren Smith-Field's Death. Here are more contradictions that are raising eyebrows in the tragic death and possible murder of Lauren Smith-Fields.

1. LaFountain’s claim that Lauren asked him for $40 doesn’t make any sense.

The police report stated that LaFountain claims Lauren had asked him for $40 for her nails and to meet her at her Bridgeport residence, where they took “shots of tequila.” It is not specified if this alleged request was during LaFountain’s stay at her home or during their chats on Bumble.

However, the evidence the police actually bothered to gather, and her mother, negate those claims. Among the things actually taken from the home, Bridgeport PD confirms On December 12th officers confiscated Lauren’s phone, $1,345.00 in cash, keys, and her passport.

In addition to the cash that would have more than covered her nails, Shantell Fields, Lauren’s mother, stated that Lauren’s nails were freshly done at the time of her death. Mrs. Fields says that she had gotten them done earlier that same week.

This begs the question, why didn’t the officers question LaFountain about this ridiculous claim if they are the ones that found all that cash in Lauren’s apartment? It is a running joke in pop culture that the standard price that low-level prostitutes ask for is $40. To me, the demeaning and insensitive manner in which the victim was portrayed as a hooker is very disgusting.

Just the mere fact that most headlines stated that she was a “young black girl that was meeting up with an older white male”, gave the impression that she was an escort. Matthew LaFountain is far from an “older white male”. He is only 37. Yes, he is older than Lauren, but he is a couple of decades away from being seen as a senior citizen. This, to me, was intentionally done to disregard the humanity of Lauren and trivialize her death.

Matthew LaFountain claims to be cooperative, but has yet to submit DNA or have his lawyer contact the family's lawyerPhoto found on Daily Mail

2. Bridgeport PD has a publicly documented history of corruption.

Rolling Stone reports, For the past few years, the Bridgeport police department has been under scrutiny for corruption within the department. Former Chief of Police Armando J. Perez was sentenced to a 12-month prison sentence last April for his participation in a scheme to defraud the city by rigging the 2018 police chief examination to solidify his position as chief.

City Council Member Maria Pereira went on to elaborate at a press conference,

As somebody who was born and raised here, Bridgeport is incredibly corrupt. Most people know we had a police chief who went to prison, we’ve had five public officials indicted by the feds, and we had a mayor who went to federal prison. The police department has been in shambles for four or five years. We have over 100 vacancies in the Bridgeport police department right now.

3. The police have yet to reach out to Bumble.

The app Bumble has reached out to CroslandLawGroup to show their support to the family and offered to create a charity in Smith-Field’s name. Darnell Crosland, the family’s attorney, said he and his team will be meeting with the CEO of Bumble later this week. A spokesperson for Bumble told Rolling Stone,

We are deeply saddened by news of Lauren Smith-Fields’ death and have reached out directly to the family to offer support. We stand ready to provide appropriate assistance and information as requested by law enforcement. The safety of our community is our priority, and we will continue to work day in and day out to keep our members safe. We have a dedicated team who responds to requests for information from law enforcement authorities around the world.

The family has reported that as far as they know, the police have not been in contact with Bumble. If true, this is unacceptable. I really hope that this family finds out what really happened with Lauren. As always, I want to hear from you.

KEEP IT RESPECTFUL! What have been the biggest mistakes in this case? What do you think of the claims that Lauren asked for $40 with over $1.3K in her home? Put your thoughts in the comments, and thank you so much for reading.

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