9 Red Flags Your Relationship Is Going Nowhere


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If you have been in a relationship with someone and you are beginning to feel that your partner is not giving you indicators of a future together, pay close attention to these ‘red flags.

They don’t see you in their future. They may talk about their dreams and the life they envision for themselves, but do not talk about YOU in their plans, take it as a sign that the person is not going to make a permanent commitment to you.

You no longer do things together, but instead, find yourself acting or living like you did before you met. You hang out with your friends-socializing, even staying out all night without checking in, and they’ve come to the realization that you enjoy the time they spend with their friends, and not as much with you.

You are no longer a priority to them. Their family, friends, work, hobbies, and other interests are their priority now and YOU, are being put on the back burner until that person decides if and when they are going to make time for you or not.

They have replaced the word “US” with “ME” or “I”…..

They have stopped introducing you to their friends when you are out in public.

They no longer make time for building the relationship, instead, they look for excuses to be away from you. Their priorities may have shifted and are becoming more emotionally detached from the relationship and no longer have the desire to put forth any effort to nourish the relationship or you.

Your S/O doesn’t call as much, doesn’t say “I LOVE YOU” as much as they used to, and sex has become mundane, boring, and less often or in some cases, has stopped altogether.

Family gatherings — you may have always been involved with your S/O, but now, your S/O attends family gatherings alone — and without you. You’d be surprised, this actually happens!

If you and your S/O are playing house, you essentially have made no formal commitment to each other and in some cases, there is no motivation to take the relationship to the next level — -marriage. For some folks, this is ideal as they do not want a commitment and know that in the event, things don’t work out, they don’t have to go through the expense of a divorce. But if one person is hoping that ‘living together’ is a stepping stone to marriage, and the other is content with the way things are — I can see no reason why they would change because they already have what they want.

These are some ‘red flags’ that are good indicators that the relationship is going nowhere and there is little to no future for you and your S/O.

You may have invested so much of your time and energy in something that meant so much to you, but found that perhaps it was in vain. It is probably a good time to sit down with your S/O and evaluate the relationship and find out what they want and where they see the relationship going.

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