The Reality of Relationships with Narcissistic Partners

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To make it “work” with a Narcissist you’ll have to accept that you’ll be the only one that is ever emotionally invested in the relationship. You’ll have to accept a fundamental imbalance of love, care, compassion, and empathy and that your needs will always come second to the narcissist’s needs and wants. You will live with an adult toddler and never expect them to “grow up” and take responsibility for their actions. They can’t and they won’t. Ever.

You’ll have to fully accept that you will never be truly loved by them only used and abused as their punching bag and for all and any other ways where they can exploit you greatly. You’ll have to accept that they feed off of you in every way like a vampire and when you’re completely drained and emptied out they’ll move on and replace you without a second thought.

You’ll have to accept that if you ever stand up for yourself you’ll be punished. Silent treatments and or spouts of malicious rage. You’ll be horribly treated and if you still want to “make it work” you’ll have to take on all the blame for their abuse and even better if you apologize to THEM. So accept giving up on honoring what’s right for yourself completely.

To make it work you’ll have to serve up your pride, self-respect, any boundaries, self-love including your very own soul and spirit on a platter, give it to them and say; “here’s my heart, mind, body, and soul. Use it and destroy it as you wish. You can exploit me all you want as long as you want even if it kills me”.

This is what’s at stake for you and you alone if you despite knowing what they are you still want to make it work.


It doesn’t always have to be this way. To save yourself the heartache, find it in yourself to walk away from the situation. Do so before they could ever get the chance to first. 

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