Signs You’re Approaching A Twin Flame Reunion

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During Twin Flame separation, there are no immediate signs of its reunion. A reunion is a different vibration altogether, one can not feel it when in separation. As separation may leave Twins in a saddened emotional state — in lower vibration.

The bridge between separation and reunion are the stages : Surrender and Illumination.

Surrender — Surrendering to your Twin Flame status makes that bond become a part of your conscious awareness and thereby strengthens the energetic bond. Your frequencies are going to be much more in tune with one another and have an easier time harmonizing. This is where there are no expectations, but a strong sense of unconditional love from both sides
Illumination— It comes after Surrender stage, in which both Twins surrender to and accept their unconditional love for each other. Both Twins have surrendered to the journey and are actively making their way back to each other.

When you start Surrendering to your Twin, there will be a point when you will connect back again and you both will enter into Illumination stage. Your communication gradually increase with time. You both will start being in sync with each other prior to the physical meeting.

This stage is very special. You will know in your gut that you will meet your Twin Flame soon

In this stage you’re able to connect all the dots and have already begun fulfilling the answers to your questions. You’re meant to meet your Flame very soon.

When physical meeting is near after illumination- you will be mentally, emotionally, and spiritually on one page with your Twin. You will very naturally expect to meet physically. Some signs signifying a Twin reunion will be:

Dreams — which foretell or indicate upcoming union
1111, 111, 11 — signs appearing everywhere
Gradual, intense communication with your Twin Flame
Intense conversations with your Twin Flame where you can connect the dots of past incidences, putting a smile on your face
Validation— where you realize that what you felt and believed was really true
You’re experiencing happiness from within
Your heart is both full and emitting unconditional love
Both Twins’ energies are in sync
You start expecting the physical meeting, both understanding the true connection

The essence of your twin around you, feeling that your Twin is around you at all times. This will come in strong waves.

The real final reunion happens on 5 levels. Physical, Mental, Spiritual, Emotional and etheric. All these energy bodies merge together. To get to this point, there may be a few stages getting cycling over for you to get there.

So be prepared.

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