Books Roundup of 2020

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Everywhen Goodreads put a list of new releases attempt media coverage and engagement for the readers who follow the writers(or the genre). Again this roundup insert books attempt hahaha, insight, attempt to unnecessary turn the page.

Let's get straight into this:

Humor/Comedy: Everywhen most insert exaggerated titles plus a book cover following attempt hahaha from Forty Flight Tower, The Werewolf Nanny, Cassi Nova, and more insert hahaha.

Memoir/Biography/Autobiography: Consider insert reading more about your role models? Consider this genre an attempt to obtain insight and understand your own narrative? From No Asked For This, Girl Gurl Grrrl, and a lot more.

Thriller: Consider the fast pacing attempt at page-turning? Consider the ambiguous titles and in the dark book covers insert to grab readers' attention? Now from The Lady Upstairs, Thirteen Storeys, Requiem for a Female Serial Killer, and more to attempt at reading in 2021.

Fantasy: ah, yes, this genre! Consider attempt reading a hundred pages of cliches, tropes, hero/heroine, plus an antagonist? If you insert an attempt to ease any bumfuzzle? Consider attempting the whimsical book covers and mouthful titles?

Finally! For January 2021, consider an attempt at reading Memory Lane? If this doesn't? An attempt at reading Influence?


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