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Consider again settling on the couch watching A Christmas Story, Home Alone, and popular according to IMDb? Consider the two days you decide to give a rest of Home Alone back to back? Consider inserting a new favorite of holiday movies inject in the two days? Consider insert movies have yet seen before but lie say "yes, I have watched It's a Wonderful Life!"

To end this year on a festive note rather than write up the same biased and personal list in an example: best holiday movies; popular Christmas movies; more lists goes on. Here will avoid structuring into a lists format and headline by rating the best.

Holiday Horror

Consider insert thrills this season? Yes, it's not Halloween. Who says holiday movies have to be insert of jolly and joy? If you down for a holiday horror? There is a lot to consider in classics and according to Peacock TV.

Holiday Rom-coms

Consider what Netflix recommends? If holiday movies consider romantic-comedies? Consider your options as to what streaming platforms suggest to watch?


Consider it's family-orientated to take Home Alone and A Christmas Story? Consider the comedy is, you know, ill-humored and insert sarcasm.

The new ones

Consider you have enough of A Christmas Story? Consider names that Disney+ insert upon the platform from last year Noelle to Godmothered and catalog of releases.

Finally, Non-holiday movies

An example will be Wonder Woman 1984 to others release on Christmas Day and consider you might not want to watch a theme-Christmas movie on the same day.


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