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Seattle-Based Full-Body Intelligence Kits’ Company, Viome Gets $86.5 million in Funding

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Seattle-based microbiome home-diagnostics startup Viome Life Sciences bagged a $86.5 million funding that will see the company partner with CVS. In the recent announcement, following this funding, Viome’s diagnostic kits will be available in 200 CVS stores around the country.

Viome, is a startup that was launched in 2016. Its main product offering is a proprietary diagnostics kit that tests for a user’s microbiome composition of stool, saliva, and blood samples. The intelligent kit then offers recommendations for foods and supplements.

This innovative Seattle-based startup has just secured a staggering $86.5 million in funding, propelling its mission to revolutionize healthcare by giving us all the power to better understand our bodies.

Led by the visionary Naveen Jain, who boasts an impressive resume that includes founding successful ventures like InfoSpace and Intelius, Viome is on a mission to reshape how we approach our health. According to Jain, the $86.5 million in Series C funding, led by Khosla Ventures and Bold Capital, with other unnamed current and new investors, will propel the company’s mission to revolutionize healthcare.

According to Viome, it is the first business to offer gut tests at CVS, both online and in-person. The kits will cost $179 each.

According to Jain, home healthcare would be the norm rather than hospital care in the future. "And a farm, not a pharmacy, will produce the medicines of the future."

The investment round is a continuation of the $67 million series C round that the company disclosed and raised in October last year.

According to Tech Crunch, Viome has raised $175 million so far, and the funds will be utilized for retail expansion as well as research and development for future products

But the Big News?

Viome has partnered with CVS to make these revolutionary kits accessible to the masses. These kits will soon be available at over 200 CVS locations nationwide. So whether you are in New York City or the quieter corners of rural America, you will soon have the tools to decode your microbiome.

What exactly does Viome's kit do?

By analyzing the microbial communities in your gut, the kit offers dietary recommendations, suggests supplements and probiotics.

However, as with any scientific breakthrough, there are skeptics. Some experts raise concerns about the practical applications of this wealth of information.

Dr. Elena Verdu, an esteemed member of the American Gastrological Association Center for Gut Microbiome Research & Education, points out that while these kits can detect various aspects of your microbiome, the medical community still has much to learn about how to translate this data into actionable insights for individuals.

Dr. Verdu’s main concern is, “The kit will detect things, but we still don’t know as doctors what to do with this information for clinical practice”. Her concerns hint at the ongoing need for scientific research to catch up with these innovative technologies.

The Journey

Jain's determination is unwavering. He envisions a future where healthcare is personalized, where farms replace pharmacies, and where we can unlock our bodies' mysteries from the comfort of our homes.

But Viome doesn't stop at diagnostics. Jain's team is readying the launch of personalized toothpaste, underscoring their commitment to redefining wellness in every aspect. For those who may be seeking an all-encompassing solution to wellness, Viome offers a $199/month subscription service, tailoring supplements and probiotics to people’s unique needs.

Jain told Fierce Healthcare that his goal of disrupting places has always been what unites all of his various endeavors. In his book "Moonshots: Creating a World of Abundance," he makes the case that amateurs can enter brand-new fields and overturn established tenets.

Everyone in the healthcare industry, according to Jain, was "focused on genetics and DNA." "We understood that the onset of a chronic disease did not cause DNA to change. Looking at how RNA and gene expression change when you have a chronic condition is the only way to find a solution. Every other microbiome firm outside Viome is asking the incorrect question and making the same error. What microorganisms are in people's mouths or stomachs is a question that every microbiome firm asks. According to him, “It is not the organisms, it is what they are producing that counts”.

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