A Minecraft Player Constructs A Sun.

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A Minecraft Redditor just spent over 4,000 hours building an entire solar system in their world around the central sun. It is so big that the central sun itself has two planets orbiting it, but those aren’t even the only planets in the solar system that orbit it! The thing that makes this project so impressive and noteworthy is how much time and effort were put into it; creating an entire universe from scratch isn’t something to be taken lightly, especially considering how much time it takes to do so!

This Minecraft Redditor Built An Entire Universe Around The Central SunPrince

The Planet.

His goal was to create a planet with a central sun and a lot of land, so he decided to use only one type of block. He spent about three hours creating this world, consisting only of dirt blocks. In order to make the world more interesting, he placed the sun at the center and added mountains and lakes. The sense of accomplishment was unreal to him. He was amazed at how far I had come from my original idea. His next project will be a new planet. He walked around the planet for a while and then decided to do something else. In contrast to dirt blocks, this one will be composed of cobblestone. Keep an eye out for future updates!
Thanks to Ryan TheLeach's ingenuity, we now know that we can create different planets with creativity. So what are your ideas? Want to compete with RyanTheLeach? Feel free to submit your ideas or creations below. As is true for most endeavors, you won't know unless you try. Maybe your next submission will make it to our website, too. No one knows for sure, but let's explore. One day, Nano found a sky-based realm that was fragmented due to chaotic gravitational pulls. Every piece of realm that's broken off will spawn four new ones around it. If they kept spawning like this, what would happen? It would leave some indication, one way or another, as to whether any universes were left to exist separately or had collided and merged into a single sky-based realm once again. There's nothing finalized, but all I can say is, this is when our creativity starts to take off, limited only by our imagination.

The Space Station.

But what if you wanted to take that creative ability to a whole other level? Well, this redditor did, and he built a solar system. It's a solar system around the central sun, but it's not like any of the other systems we've seen before. Sure, there are planets in his solar system orbiting the sun, but they all have different orbits. Some go close to it, while others go farther away. And then there are some planets that orbit each other instead of orbiting their central star. He went so far as to build the night sky with stars that have patterns similar to those found in the real world. It really is fascinating to see how much effort has gone into this project just for one person's enjoyment. You might be thinking, "Oh well, anyone could do that," but remember, these projects typically don't work without extensive testing beforehand. Furthermore, this individual created portals to travel from planet to planet by utilizing empty space where the ground would normally be on Earth.If you're looking for a place to explore in deep space, or just want to escape your own boring universe, head over to Reddit and check out the rest of this user's creations. I promise you'll be impressed.

A Tour Of The World.

The creator of this world has taken great care to make sure that there are many different biomes and areas to explore. From deserts to dense forests, you can find something for everyone. There is even a vast ocean with underwater caves and sunken ships for those who like diving. And if you get tired of exploring, there is also a central city that has various buildings with shops, houses, restaurants, and more. You'll never have to leave your home in order to enjoy what life has to offer! The owner did not just stop at one part of the world, but made six other ones. Each one has its own specialties. The central sun has a special place within each one, and some blocks from previous worlds show up as well.
You don't want to miss out on these creations! The map size is around 1 GB, so it may take time to download depending on your internet connection. Once it's downloaded, though, you're free to explore without any limits. The Nether is surrounded by lava lakes and netherrack mountains and contains hostile mobs such as ghasts, blazes, and zombie pigmen. A major landmark here would be a giant dome that surrounds the end portal, which leads to the next dimension; The End. It's been said that inside lie ancient treasures hidden away for centuries, only waiting to be found by those brave enough to traverse this treacherous realm.

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