Get Ready For Season 13 With League Of Legends Update 12.19.

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The next League of Legends patch is almost here, and it’s bringing a whole bunch of changes to the game with it! From new champion skins to buffs and nerfs, this patch has plenty in store for all you summoners out there. Here’s everything you need to know about the Update 12.19 patch notes!
Get Ready For Season 13 With League Of Legendsprince

What To Expect.

A new game mode called Collector’s Draft has been added to Summoner’s Rift. The mode is 3v3 and teams will choose the champions they want in the draft before starting the match, as opposed to relying on their luck with randomized champions that can be selected in other modes like Blind Pick or Draft Pick.
-Runes Reforged Update: Players can now select a rune type at level one, which will provide bonus stats and allow players to customize their champion earlier than ever before. If you want to swap out your runes later on, it’ll cost more, but you won’t have to worry about getting locked into one selection. For those who don’t have time to mess around with runes all day long, you can also opt-in and get random runes based on what your highest win-rate rune sets are. Additionally, there are six new Rune Paths for this update: Guardian, Stormlord, Aftershock, Deathfire Touch (DFT), Electrocute (ECT), and Scorch.

How Updates Take Place

Riot Games has scheduled the release date to be on Tuesday, December 18th, and the patch notes were released just days before that. Riot will post the patch notes on their site and on Reddit sometime around 1:00 PM PST (4:00 PM EST). Updates are usually scheduled in advance, but they do happen at random times. There is no set schedule as far as when updates will come out, but it’s always good to check back periodically for new patches and updates because who knows what you might find! The most recent update for League of Legends came with a host of changes, including balance adjustments and a brand-new skin. The first change made was a nerf to Amumu's Despair ability that decreased the damage dealt by 20%. Players also received buffs from Rammus' Defensive Ball Curl ability to make his stun duration last 10% longer than usual; Syndra's Transcendent global cooldown scaling reduced by.1 seconds per level so her spells can't interrupt autoattacks; and Taliyah's Shurima's Legacy bonus true damage increased from 25% max health over 3 seconds up to 50% max health over 3 seconds. A final note worth mentioning is an adjustment made to every champion's W/R rank scaling caps.

Patch Notes Overview.

The most important change that patch 12.19 brings is a new champion called Kayn, The Shadow Reaper, who is the first of a new type of champion in the game: an Assassin/Juggernaut hybrid who excels at one-on-one combat and has a powerful slow as his ultimate ability. There are also many other smaller tweaks to gameplay, like adding more options for skin customization or modifying how certain items work to make them more appealing to players with different playstyles, so be sure to read the full patch notes below to see everything coming in this update. As always, we’re looking forward to seeing what you think about these changes and whether they will improve your experience with League of Legends!

Champion Balance Changes.

Now has a different passive, Devour, which allows him to devour enemy units and gain up to 4 health per unit devoured. Tahm Kench's tongue does not activate Damage Reduction from consuming shields or barriers; champions with the Barrier special ability will still have their shields blocked by Tahm Kench's tongue .
-Tongue Lash: The range of this ability has been reduced from 1750 to 1450. For each champion that is tethered, Tahm Kench can now choose whom he attacks in order to prioritize the most valuable target. If no targets are tethered when he uses Tongue Lash, he will attack his nearest opponent instead. Finally, we've increased the total tether duration from 2 seconds to 3 seconds so enemies don't have as much time to react before getting pulled in.

Changes In Item Balance.

* New item: Spellthief's Edge
* Removed items: Ionian Boots of Lucidity, Morello's Evil Tome, Muramana, Seraph's Embrace, and Shurelya's Reverie
Aegis Protection now blocks the next autoattack after it has been fully depleted (reduced to zero) by an enemy champion. Attack Damage runes can now be found in Tier 3 (replacing Armor Pen) and Tier 5 (replacing Lethality). AD-based Jungle items have also been updated with this change in mind.
* The following changes have been made to the Locket of Iron Solari:
* The Adaptive Helmet will now return 45% of your maximum mana when you use your W or E abilities on an allied champion.

Runes Reforged Overview:

The Rune system has been overhauled and replaced with Runes Reforged, a complete redesign that provides a fresh start to the rune system.
-- Players who previously purchased one or more runes will now have all of those runes converted into their corresponding tier two runes (for example, four level 2 champion points will be converted into one level 3 champion point).
-- You can use these new runes to craft any Champion Rune you want from the previous tiers, allowing you to tune your stats according to your playstyle.
-- Runes Reforged is available in Patch 8.1, so jump in today and get ready for season 13!

New Champion Skins.

Along with the new update, there will be seven new champion skins for players to unlock and use in ranked play: Zombie Brand, Buccaneer Tristana, Marquis Vladimir, French Maid Nidalee, Rebel Jhin, Kitty Cat Katarina, and Wildfire Zyra. Each skin has its own unique splash art and comes with a loading screen border and two champions' icons, as well as a bonus purple icon. Unlock these limited-edition skins by completing quests during this launch event or purchasing RP while they are available in the shop until 11:59 PM PDT on December 19th to ensure you'll have them when season 13 starts on January 10th! The official patch notes will also come out on December 18th, so be sure to check back then if you can't wait any longer.

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