The Beta Version Of Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Is Not Working!

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It seems that many players are having trouble playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Beta because the game won’t load at all or it loads, but it immediately exits back to the XBox dashboard. After conducting some extensive research, I’ve come across the solution and thought it would be appropriate to share this information with my fellow gamers. Continue reading to find out how to fix Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Beta Not Working!
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How To Get Into The Beta.

To get into the beta, you must have a copy of Modern Warfare 2. All you have to do is insert the disc and follow the instructions. You will need to have an Xbox 360 or PS3 controller connected. After finishing installation, you'll be able to play any map and mode in the beta. One downside to playing the beta on your console is that you can't invite friends over Xbox Live. If you want to play with your buddies online, then it's best that they also download and install the beta on their consoles as well.

Fixes Which Help But Don’t Resolve All Issues.

There are a few things you can try if you are experiencing connectivity problems while trying to play Call of Duty. These fixes may help some players, but not all players.
1) Close the game and reboot your console.

2) Ensure that there is no storage device plugged into your console and then restart the game.

3) Before playing the game, make sure your console has no wireless or internet connection.Restart your router.

4) If you are in an area with a weak signal, move closer to the router.

5) Check with your ISP to see if there are any problems with their service in your area.

6) Instead of using an Ethernet cable, try connecting wirelessly.Reset your modem.

7) Turn off the Windows Firewall.8) Change DNS settings from "automatic" to "manual.

9) Change the status of Xbox Live from online to offline.

10) Disconnect from Xbox Live completely, wait 30 seconds, then sign in again (via profile).

11) Call Activision Support at 800-220-2038 between the hours of 8 a.m. and 9 p.m. EST Monday through Friday (excluding major holidays).

Adding New Ports.

This error is due to the servers' being under heavy load, so one solution to this issue is to add a new port. In order to do this, go into the Network and Sharing Center on your computer and click Change Adapter Settings. Right-click the adapter that you are experiencing problems with and choose Properties. Next, go to the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) tab and highlight it. Then select Properties, followed by clicking on the Advanced button on the bottom right-hand corner. After hitting Advanced, there should be four options: IP address, Subnet mask, Default Gateway, and DNS Server.

Reinstalling Your OS.

If you're experiencing connectivity issues with Call of Duty, it's possible that your operating system is corrupted and needs to be reinstalled. This can be done by following these steps:

1) Make a backup of all data on the computer.

2) Restore the entire system.

3) Delete all hard drive partitions (including the recovery partition).

4) Reinstall Windows and any necessary updates.

5) Create a new user account with administrative privileges.

6) Reinstall any antivirus software you may have.

7) Before playing again, make sure to download and install any critical or recommended updates.

8) Play the game.

9) If connectivity problems persist, check for updates from the manufacturer of your Internet router or modem.

10) Reboot your computer and see if you can play normally again.
This problem usually occurs when there is too much traffic on their server network, causing them not to be able to process all requests at one time. The best way to get around this issue is to contact their customer support department via phone so they can upgrade their server infrastructure if necessary.

Running In A Different Compatibility Mode.

The fix is to start the game in Windows 95 compatibility mode. To do this, right-click on the CoDMW2.exe file and select Properties. Once you are on the Compatibility tab, select Windows 95 and click Apply. This will make the game compatible with your hardware and should resolve any problems you are experiencing while playing Call of Duty. What’s happening: There seems to be some sort of problem when people who have up-to-date video cards try to play Call of Duty because it requires an older version of DirectX that most computers no longer have installed.

Tweaking Firewall Settings.

One thing that may be helpful is lowering your firewall settings to allow the game to communicate with the server. You can do this by following these steps:
-Open Windows Firewall settings. -Select Advanced Settings. -Click on Inbound Rules. -Select Call of Duty MW2 Beta (TCP). -Choose Block from the dropdown menu, and click Apply. -Exit Windows Firewall settings and close the window.
-Reopen Windows Firewall settings if it does not reappear automatically.
-Go to Outbound Rules and select Call of Duty MW2 Beta (UDP).
-Change it from Allow all outgoing connections, which defaults in many systems, to No restrictions under Allowed programs. This will prevent any outbound connections while still allowing you inbound communication with the game servers. It will also prevent other programs, such as Skype or Pidgin, from sending information out without permission.

Finding And Changing Your MTU Settings.

MTU is short for Maximum Transmission Unit, which refers to the size in bytes that a single packet can be. When packets are larger than this, they will not be able to transmit. To solve this problem, we need to lower the MTU setting on our connection.
1) Click Start and type "cmd" into the search bar. Once found, right-click on it and select Run as Administrator.
2) Type ipconfig/all into the command prompt window that appears and press Enter.This will bring up all your network information, including your IP address, default gateway, etc. At the bottom of the list, you'll see the MTU value. It should say 1492 or 1500 (these are good numbers). If it's higher, you'll want to reduce that number by increments of 10 until you get close to 500. For example, start at 1500, then try 1400, and so forth until you get below 500. A good rule of thumb is to try reducing by 100 at a time until you find one that works best for your game-playing needs.

Downloading Updates.

There are two ways to fix the issue: downloading updates or waiting until the servers have lessened their load. To download updates, go to your console's settings, then system update, and choose yes when prompted. You can also wait until the server load is less heavy before attempting to play the game again. The problem has been resolved by updating your console's firmware. If you are experiencing issues with the Call of Duty Beta, please restart your console in order to install any available updates from this error. Restarting the console should take about 5–10 minutes depending on your internet connection speed. Once you are back up and running, it is recommended that you clear your cache as a last resort measure if these steps did not resolve the issue.

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