The Arktoberfest Tournament Starts Today-But Is Playing Lost Ark A Bad Idea?

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Today, the Arktoberfest tournament officially starts. What should I be celebrating? Let’s have a beer and play some Lost Ark? Wait, what? Don’t you know that the MMO MORPG game that has been rising in popularity these days is actually pretty bad? Don’t worry if you don't-we’re here to tell you all about it in this article! We’ll also make sure to provide you with ways of celebrating your birthday that do not involve playing Lost Ark!
The Arktoberfest tournament starts today-but is playing Lost Ark a bad idea?Prince

What happens On Arktoberfest?

The 30th of September means that it's time for the annual birthday party with all topics from the old German language: ARKTOBERFEST. You may have already seen people on your favorite social media site excitedly posting about their invitations, cakes, and parties, but do you know what it actually is? It has been dubbed the second-largest cultural event in Germany by UNESCO, and according to its organizer, Roland Ferrischitz (Austrian by birth), this will be the 6th consecutive year that ARKTOBERFEST has taken place. But how does it work?
I am not going to try and put everything into one blog post, so I will just give you a little overview of what happens during ARKTOBERFEST. A lot of people say that eating and drinking are two of the main highlights. Many traditional German dishes such as sauerkraut soup are made, as well as several different varieties of beer; there is also wine available if someone prefers something non-alcoholic or wants to indulge in alcohol more moderately than others.

How Do You Play At Arktoberfests And Where Do You Find Them?

There are many ways to get your arktoberfest in. You can easily find players from all across the globe on the game’s Discord or Discord Server. It's easy to ask for games through Reddit threads and Twitch chats, too! Whether you're interested in player vs. player battles, PvE playthroughs, or simply showing off to other players who are watching your stream, there are plenty of people out there who would love to help you make it happen!
*Play against an enemy (6 sentences) If you don't have a willing opponent, set up multiplayer battles with strangers on the map. * Test your skill and teamwork as you fight waves of spawning creatures with increasing difficulty levels. The rules of gameplay are fairly simple: work together to survive by taking turns gathering resources, building fortifications, and attacking enemies. The more opponents you defeat, the higher your level will be when fighting more powerful foes.

Tips For Winning Ark Tournaments.

#1 Map control Fight for control of the map by zoning your enemies off and taking care of any threats immediately. Find places to hide if you need to heal up or let a quick match go by unnoticed. Always leave an escape route so you can use it when the going gets tough.
#2 Resource Management: Make everything from scratch.Whether you are maxed out or only have 5 stones left, take the time to turn them into arrows or your next tool upgrade so that you always have something on hand when needed. You will also be able to level up your crafts faster, which will make surviving easier in the long run! In this game, crafting items give you more inventory space, so while they cost some resources, they can make life much easier over the course of a round.
Make sure to chat with other players as well as use their clans (if available). Joining one early means that you will have a group of people who are likely just as new to the game as you are. Sharing tips with each other makes everything much easier and way more fun! Join a clan now before it's too late!

Avoiding Problems Like Toxicity When Playing Competitive Matches.

Niero of Kotaku has provided some helpful tips for players to avoid toxicity when playing competitive matches:
You should take your time to watch replays. Give yourself at least five minutes or longer before starting any new match.
* Don't spam emotes because it can cause in-game spam that may ruin the mood for other players.
* If you come across someone who will refuse to play with you, try reporting them so they don't have the chance to ruin your experience.
** Here are some additional benefits if you report toxic behavior:
***Help others avoid these toxic people and bring more unity into the community. Speaking up can also lead to positive changes in game features, like preventing offenders from joining another game until they cool off. Reporting toxic behavior is worth your time as an online gamer.** Niero of Kotaku provides a complete guide on avoiding toxicity when playing Ark on their website. The guide includes detailed explanations of each point, including how to avoid toxicity when playing Ark competitively. The site also offers ways to speak up about this issue and make a difference in game features that could prevent offending players from joining games again after cooling off.

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