Digital Extremes Hits Warframe With Its Frame.

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Warframe developer Digital Extremes Ltd., the company behind the massively popular free-to-play third-person shooter Warframe, has announced that today, October 24th, will be Warframe’s 50th frame update since its launch in 2013. The company also revealed that there are already 1 million players enjoying the game who have reached Mastery Rank 0, meaning they’ve unlocked every single bit of content available in Warframe so far. Congratulations to those community members!
Digital Extremes Hits Warframe With Its 50Th FramePrince

Delve Into The History Of Warframe.

In 2013, the Warframe team set out to create an action game featuring a new universe and robust character progression. With a back story well over 10 years in the making, this ambitious project aimed to break free from the classic grinds of leveling up that were typical for free-to-play games at the time. Players invested in this third-person shooter MMO found themselves becoming space ninjas of sorts while they hunted down powerful enemies across the solar system. Catching up on this cultural phenomenon is now easy thanks to its streamlined Steam platform, which continues to integrate Warframe players into their community and improve their experience as gamers. The developers have done so much work to bring it closer to its roots: As part of the latest Veilbreaker update, Digital Extremes has released the 50th playable Warframe, Protea Deluxe! If you’ve been playing since day one or if you just started last week, this special addition was designed with your hard work in mind.
If you’re new to Warframe like I am, get ready for more exciting updates like these!

Introducing Nouvelle.

Nouvelle is a resource management card game played over three rounds. In each round, players take turns purchasing cards and collecting gold on their turn. However, the number of cards available decreases and prices increase as players accumulate more cards. A player is only allowed to hold ten cards at a time, so the goal is to find the best way to create ten decks of ten. It's all while grabbing or stealing gold from your opponents with various defensive skills! The winner is the one who has the most gold after all three rounds are completed. It’s an interactive, strategic, and fast-paced battle of wits for two to four players, aged 13+, with up to five minutes per round. The other members of Digital Extremes also weighed in on the new release:
Nouvelle was designed as a fresh new experience, not just another new game. "Said Steve Sinclair (Creative Director). It's engaging and accessible.
But it's not just Digital Extremes working hard on this update. There were contributions from the community too:
Nouvelle has been part of our weekly development stream content since day one, said Creative Director Steve Sinclair. A big thanks to James Hatton and his development team, who've made sure that this expansion content was ready for today.

What makes Nouvelle so special?

Nouvelle is designed to be a game changing experience and it succeeds in delivering that. The Protea Deluxe bonus content, on the other hand, does what is says it will do, though doesn't get too complicated for people who aren't quite so far into the game. It's cool, fitting with the theme of Nouvelle itself. There's not much more I can say about this piece of DLC than this is an excellent acquisition for veteran players or beginners who are in need of a little push to get their Warframes leveled up and might like some of the materials you can find throughout the mission as well. If you're looking for something new but don't want anything overly dramatic, then this is a perfect buy.

Three New Weapons.

Recently, we have been discovering many interesting new developments in the game, one of them being three more new weapons. These weapons are now also purchasable as a bundle in The Void Trader, which consists of Damocles, Divya, and Alidus. Their ranged stats and damage type vary by weapon type, but they all come equipped with a custom mod (Exalted Glaive) that is only tradable during specific windows. This bundle will be available for purchase until the next release cycle occurs at the end of this month, so players can trade for their own Exalted Glaive mod via Baro Ki'Teer or various Void Relics.
The third warframe weapon to accompany her release is the Rakta Cernos. As the name implies, it is based on bow and arrow mechanics. So whether you prefer sniping from afar or leaping into close combat to get up close and personal with your enemies, there's something for everyone! It's worth noting that she wields two bows, so if you're just learning how to use her, she'll probably feel like second nature once you've mastered it. Lastly, she comes complete with utility skills such as holstering one bow then swapping to another—allowing you not only to change where your arrows hit but also giving yourself the option of using a different weapon set-up!

New Weapon Slot Modifications, New Customizations.

The Veilbreaker update adds a new weapon slot mod. The newly added slot can be applied to any Warframe’s primary or secondary weapon to add bonuses such as increased damage against enemies that are only immune to particular damage types, more shields against projectiles, and so on. When it comes to choosing which mod you want to use, consider which one will complement your playstyle the most because there are a lot of slots with different effects. One that stands out is a mod called Scourge (and two others), which increases the damage done by weapons with elemental attributes when used against enemies weak to those elements. In terms of customizations, players can now change their operator colors without having to spend platinum or trade for them through Syndicates. There are also five new faces for Warframes coming out in this update, along with some other cosmetic options like adding short gloves to your character (yay!). Lastly, there's an animation called Protea Deluxe. The team is doing what they do best: introducing more ways for players to customize their gameplay experience—whether they're returning players looking for fresh content, or if they've been away from Warframe but wanted back in on this day of celebration.

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