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It’s no secret that Apple Inc. loves to keep its next big product releases under wraps until the company holds its popular Apple Event press conferences in which they unveil their new products and services, but there are actually several other Apple event secrets you may not have known about until now! Below, we’ve rounded up 7 things you may not have known about Apple events. Check them out below and be sure to let us know what you think in the comments section!
7 Things You Didn't Know About Apple Eventsprince

1) Check Your Inbox For The Invitation.

Every fall, Apple releases its newest line of products at an event in California. While the word "event" may make you think of high-priced Hollywood blockbusters, Apple events are relatively low-key gatherings. The invitation doesn’t even include the words "Apple Event"—it just says, "Please join us for a presentation, where we will introduce our new products. The first Apple event was held in 2001 to unveil the iPod and cost $5 billion to produce—around one tenth of what was spent on Michael Jackson's memorial service. Some of the items showcased included the iPod Shuffle, iMacs with LCD screens, OS X Jaguar and more. In 2003, Steve Jobs added FaceTime to the show; 2007 saw the introduction of iTunes 8; 2010 brought in iCloud; 2012 featured Siri; 2013 unveiled iOS 7 (the most popular iOS release ever); 2014 introduced the iPad Air 2 with A8X chip and iPad mini 3.

2) Who Are We Going To See?

Expect to see a new iPad, AirPods 2, and a Mac Pro 2020. The new iPad is rumored to have a USB-C port as well as an updated operating system. AirPods 2 are likely going to be more expensive than AirPods 2 with wireless charging included. The Mac Pro 2020 will likely include OLED touchscreens on both the exterior and interior of the machine. We can also expect at least one 5G iPhone to come out in 2020 as well. With so many products being announced, it might be hard to find them all. Fortunately, you don’t need to worry about this because we’ve got your back! Our guide will give you all the information you need so that you know what’s happening during the event.

3) How Can We Watch It?

You can watch it live on October 30th, 2018. The schedule for events starts at 10:00 am PT and the event will go until 3:00 pm PT. This means that the company is releasing some of their new products in two parts. More announcements are expected to be made during the event. Fans worldwide will be able to see the event through a browser or an application on Apple TV, as well as on iPhone, iPad, Mac, and PC via Safari. People with Android devices can also stream the broadcast by using Google Chrome. There will be other ways to tune into the event too, including YouTube TV, PlayStation Vue, Amazon Fire TV Stick, and Roku Streaming Stick. You'll need one of these services to sign up for them before you can watch them, though.

4) Expect A Live Stream Anywhere On Apple’s Website.

Live streams are coming in handy. I remember when the Obama administration was inaugurated back in 2009, they had live streams and all the news organizations tuned in to get a sense of what was happening. Now that everyone is gearing up for the new iPhone release, some networks are broadcasting live on their websites for people to watch and see what's about to be released. The Apple event is supposed to kick off at 1:00 PM EST, so I'll be tuning in shortly before it starts! I wonder if they're going to announce any other products besides the iPhone this time around. What do you think? Are you ready for the next generation of the iPhone? I've got my fingers crossed that there will be something more than just an upgraded phone. Apple events have been set up by Steve Jobs since 2001, with his keynote speeches becoming popular among fans who called them "Steve Notes" because he would present his newest creations during these speeches. He's no longer with us, but these videos from past events are still available online, including ones from 2017 when the company introduced new computers, software, and even a virtual reality headset called the Oculus Rift.

5) Where Does It Take Place?

Since 2001, Apple’s announcements have been at the annual Worldwide Developers Conference, but now there are various events in different locations. In 2017, an Apple event took place at an Apple Store. Locations have varied widely over the years and are still not set in stone. For example, if Tim Cook wanted to hold an event in California to showcase a new product, he could do so in Los Angeles or San Francisco, or wherever it is best for him to showcase the new product to people who are interested enough to buy it when it becomes available!The keynote speeches Steve Jobs gave became so popular that fans called them Steve Notes. These notes were so popular because Steve Jobs was able to communicate with his audience better than any other speaker of his time; he knew how to grab their attention and keep them engaged until the end of his speech without having any material prepared beforehand. His success can be attributed to him being a persuasion genius as well as a creative thinker and visionary with boundless energy (he was said to never sleep more than 4 hours per night).

6) When Will It Go Down?

An Apple event isn’t just a keynote address. It’s a performance, an announcement, and a symbol of the values that drive us forward. And every now and then, it can also be something completely different to surprise us from time to time.
So before today's event in Cupertino, we’ve taken a moment to look back at some of the more notable moments from previous events over the past 18 years. There are seven things you might not know about previous Apple events.

7. What Will They Be Selling?

The upcoming event will be the first in a new fall lineup from the company, and it is widely expected to launch three new models of iPhone: an upgraded version of the iPhone XS; a cheaper-priced model with many features similar to that of the iPhone XR; and a new super-sized, almost tablet-like device called the iPhone XS Max. Other things expected to be announced at this event are updated iPad Pro models, news about Apple's original video service, pricing on its upcoming smartwatch, and changes to its online shopping site. In 2003, Steve Jobs named his keynote speeches Steve Notes.
In 2011, Tim Cook replaced Steve Jobs as CEO.

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