Withings Scale Review: How Accurate Is It?

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Withings’ new smart scale measures your nerve and artery health, plus how much water you’re retaining and muscle mass thanks to its new Body Composition feature. But how accurate is it? And how do Withings’ health features stack up against the Fitbit Aria 2, the Garmin Index Smart Scale, the Huawei Health Scale, and other smart scales? We put Withings’ scale to the test to find out!

Withings Scale Review: How Accurate Is It?prince

General Overview.

The Withings Body Composition scale isn't cheap, but it's one of the better scales on the market in my opinion. When you first use it, it measures all the basics and then syncs them to your phone so you can track things over time. The app is also very easy to use. You log in with your Withings account and it walks you through taking measurements, food and water intake, activity level, and even tells you about your sleep duration when you enter that data into the app. One downside is that it has a larger footprint than other scales, but if that doesn't bother you, this is worth checking out! All in all, I really like this scale and think it was money well spent. I recommend it to anyone who wants a solid smart scale experience without paying an arm and a leg for it. For $159.99, this may be too expensive for some people, but in my opinion, it’s worth every penny!
This scale does come with some unique features that are hard to find at this price point, including body fat analysis and body water percentage tracking, which are great additions as long as they’re accurate (which we will explore below).
The Withings Body Composition Smart Scale comes with a sleek white finish that looks nice anywhere in your home. It doesn’t take up much space either, making it perfect for smaller spaces where other scales might not fit.

Test Results For Accuracy.

It was a super fun experience to test out the Withings scale for IFA. The first test I did was weigh myself with my jeans on and off. They weren't vastly different (pending how much I ate that day), but it was interesting to see the differences on the screen after stepping on them. Then, I tested accuracy when looking at actual weight, starting in pounds and converting it to kilograms to check against other scales' weights. The Body Competition was a success!It was accurate with the pounds and kilograms, as well as being relatively in sync with my other scale--a really great feature if you're someone who has no idea what they weigh every day because they don't own a scale. That's not all; the Body Comp also measures your body fat percentage, bone mass density, muscle mass density, visceral fat, and nerve-and artery health. Some of these measurements are possible due to its adaptive algorithm that factors in age, gender, height, and weight. If you want to know more about any of these metrics, there is a detailed breakdown of everything measured by the scale and corresponding readings on their website. I had an absolute blast testing this new smart scale by Withings.

Reasons Why.

Weighing yourself is an activity most of us do on a daily basis, but is it actually giving you the full picture of your weight and fitness levels?
Fitbit launched a smart scale, Aria, back in 2011. For just $129, users could keep track of their health metrics to lose weight and stay fit. The Fitbit has since been copied many times over by other brands like Withings, who released their own version called the Body Composition back in 2018. One key difference between these two scales is that Withings’ scale can measure nerve and artery health with body composition information; this means people can see progress towards their fitness goals for fat-to-muscle ratio or bone mass density if they so choose. So does the Withings scale measure accurately? To find out, we tested it out for three weeks to see how accurate the readings were. In our tests, we found that the measurements taken from both devices were within 5% of each other most of the time, which is close enough for me! The only exception was when I weighed myself after running my fastest mile race, where I only lost about 1% body fat — but then again, I wasn't expecting too much accuracy in something like this as there are too many variables involved (body temperature, heart rate).

Final Thoughts.

The Withings Body Composition Scale is a sleek, inconspicuous, and accurate bathroom scale that doesn't look like it belongs in a sci-fi future. Withings has a few nifty ideas when it comes to smart scales, and for IFA 2022, it’s announced the Body Comp. This particular model doesn't just measure your weight; it also measures your fat percentage, muscle mass, and BMI. To get accurate readings from this health gadget, you'll have to step on the scale at the same time every day before you go to work or school in order to have consistent data from one week to the next. You can do this by pairing your mobile phone with the scale via Bluetooth. Otherwise, you'll have to manually input each of these stats into the app. One thing we didn't love about the Body Composition was how difficult it was to switch between imperial measurements (pounds) and metric measurements (kilograms). But other than that, this scale earns high marks for accuracy as well as design.

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