Third Generation Entrepreneur: An Introduction

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I grew up in a business environment that dates back to my Mexican ancestry. Second generation family continued their journey to Texas by bringing Northern Mexican delicacies. In my 30’s, I carried on the legacy that was set forward by my grandfather and mother. I opened my first restaurant in 2018 with the help of mom of course! Three years later, the business survived challenges, one of them being the pandemic.

Like many people, COVID-19 caused us to change many factors of our lives, our careers, our routines, etc. I had to adapt to the new way of doing business or the pandemic was going to eat me up alive.

I adapted a new business model, moved locations and introduced the future of the restaurant industry to my home state in
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Texas. Now, my restaurant is fully depending on the internet and technology to do its job…inside an office building.

Now I want to tackle on another challenge and that is writing. I say writing is a challenge because I always enjoyed solving math equations as suppose to writing a 5-page essay, but here I am giving writing another try. I welcome feedback because the only way to improve is constructive criticism.

I look forward to this new experience as I share my journey in becoming an entrepreneur.

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