I nearly made $2700 in just one month through investing in CryptoCurrency.

Prabhanjay Tiwari

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Those days CryptoCurrency was on the hype for everyone because it was just the start of the rise of the king of all currencies. Crypto was getting much more popular than any stocks those days. I saw a video on YouTube where a random man says that if you don't become rich now with all these opportunities then you'll never become rich in your life. I got a bit worried that I am not getting rich just because I am not using these opportunities.

So the very next day I invested 300$ from my savings in DogeCoin, the meme currency or you can say the most trending Crypto after Bitcoin. I just thought that it is trending so it can blow up any day. It was somewhere around $0.06 of one DogeCoin. I was too excited but was a little bit worried too.

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I checked the price of currency the next day after investing, nothing much changed in the price and it was the same. I checked every day in the morning and nothing much was changing. After 20 days still, that price was the same, I started overthinking from that moment.

I was getting thoughts about losing my all money because it was my first time investing in Crypto. I was getting real nightmares. I woke up in midnights just to check that my money invested is safe or not.

Although it was not a big amount still I was little sort of money those days so I decided to take out my all money after the 30th day of investing, which I invested a month back with full of dreams to get rich as soon as possible. I always believed that my luck never favors me so that was my last decision to pull out my all money.

After I took my all money back I got better sleep that night because all of my money was now safe.

But the next day when I woke up I got the news that DogeCoin goes 10x higher than its normal price. I had no words left. I was shaken up, was silent like deep water for more than an hour. As I mentioned earlier that 'my luck never favors me' turned into a true statement.

Basically, it got hype from a statement of Elon Musk, the Richest Person in the world, where he showed his interest in DogeCoin from his tweet on Twitter.

The Tweet was ‘Working with Doge devs to improve system transaction efficiency'

I never believed in quick rich schemes but that was something insane which I nearly got if my luck had favored me. Although I knew that it was my fault. I just overthought everything.

After that day I decided to invest in Crypto a little but every month.

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Lessons I learned

  • If you have invested your money don't overthink because it will ultimately impact you negatively and if you have invested your crucial money, it means that you would have studied before investing so that it can grow.
  • Invest a little but Invest.
  • Investing your money takes courage so you have to learn to take risks.
  • Don't underestimate any CryptoCurrency.
  • Study about that thing in which you are going to invest in, don't invest without studying, especially if you're investing in something big.
  • Luck means nothing in the business of investing or trading since you are not the only lucky person investing in that currency, there are a bunch of like you, who could be far luckier than you.

In which CryptoCurrency you're investing in right now? Tell us about it in the comments!

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