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Norway has so many epic hikes that it is almost unbearable! Truthfully, the views we witnessed here during our brief visit in September of 2018 were some of the best that we have seen in our entire lives and we barely saw any of what the country has to offer. This was the absolute start of our Instagram posting and we were still shooting everything on an iPhone 7… the quality is just not great (Sorry!). Regardless of the photo quality we had an absolutely amazing time there and our hike to Preikestolen is one of our favorite memories from Norway.

This hiking adventure was certainly much smoother than the experience we had just a few days prior in Trolltunga. If you didn’t catch that blog be sure to check it out HERE. Both are epic viewpoints but the weather we had in Trolltunga was just brutal. This hike was done on a much warmer day without snow and with a lot more sunshine. It is also a much shorter hike, taking only a couple hours to reach the end of the trail where you can look out over the fjords.

Preikestolen is iconic for its straight-edged cliff wall. It looks almost as if you are standing at the point of a giant rectangle, looking down into an abyss. You definitely get a little weak at the knees when you are standing up here and looking down to the rocks and frigid waters below. Preikestolen, also known as Pulpit Rock, is part of the Scandinavian Mountain Range and is located in Strand, Rogaland. The steep rock wall rises 604 meters (1981 feet) above the fjord. It has become a favorite destination for hikers, photographers, base jumpers, drone pilots and even families looking for a nice family picnic.

We visited here in the beginning of fall and found the temperature to be quite pleasant for the hike. It is uphill for the majority of the trek and we actually had to remove some layers as we made our way up to the top. We didn’t experience too many people on the hike but we did find ourselves waiting in a line at the top so that we could snap a picture at the edge. What you need to know about this spot is that, while the photos are all taken from a certain angle to look dramatic, the space where you can stand at the top is a massive, flat square. There is a ton of room for everyone and while people do look very close to the edge, they really aren’t as close as it seems.


Photo Rights owned by Positravelty LLC, on behalf of @positravelty

This was actually a photo that we got hit for in the news a couple years back, claiming that it was a very dangerous thing to do for a photo. You can believe us though, it isn’t at all. We do recommend that you are very cautious here, obviously. It is certainly possible to fall from the top but if you exercise common sense and keep an eye on the other people you should be just fine. It is such a surreal feeling to be up this high, though. You are looking down at boats passing by below and they look so tiny from above. It is an incredible view with all the mountains around and the beautiful fjord below... definitely something we will always remember.

Getting to this hike was extremely easy, far easier than Trolltunga. They have ample parking spaces, tiered into different sections and there was no need to arrive way before the sun came up. Preikestolen was nice because it was a leisurely hike, one that we could truly take our time on and enjoy. From the parking area there is a decently steep intro to the hike before it levels out and you find yourself walking on more flat ground. It is also a slightly wooded hike so there are a lot of trees at the start and as you get close to the viewpoint there is a lookout point off to the left, while you cross a small wooden bridge, that allows for an amazing forest and mountain view. Definitely bring some food on this hike because there are so many places worth stopping at for a little picnic.

If you go to our Instagram and scroll all the way to the right on our highlights you will find that we have one specifically for Norway. We have this hike as well as our Trolltunga hike in it and they are certainly worth watching if you are thinking of taking a trip out to Norway in the future.

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