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You never really think something will go viral at the time of shooting, or at the time of posting for that matter. We put up the photos that we love the most, the photos from our most favorite locations around the world, and while we certainly hope to captivate our audience there is truly no telling how far a photo could go. It is funny to look back on these photos now, remembering the lighthearted playfulness involved in the preparation and the feeling of pure excitement when we looked through the camera and realized we got the shots to turn out exactly how we wanted. There is never a nervousness involved, or some sort of retroactive fear for some kind of ‘what if’ because they were never a product of the supposed reckless abandonment of self worth that the media portrayed it as. Anyway, this article isn’t to talk about that necessarily, but rather to gift you all a new, lighthearted version of the same photos that left so many people feeling triggered AF and leave us all with a much more pleasant taste in our mouths - courtesy of Bernie Sanders’ mittens. Now, before you run off to grab grandpappy’s ‘I’m offended’ shovel from his 'internet hate speech shed' and dig deep into this article, just take a breath. There is nothing to dig into. This is meant to be fun so please just enjoy yourself, let loose and let yourself giggle a bit. Shall we proceed?


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Oof. This was a good one, eh? Well, now we brought it back with a perfectly perched politician. We were surprised that Bernie was so cold in Bali but hey, everyone is different. Before getting bent out of shape let’s remind you all that things aren't always as they seem, but at the same time, this photo is entirely real. Confused? There is actually another pool below, right where the photo ends, and this was shot from this specific angle to give it a dramatic feeling due to the lower pool being purposefully out of frame. We have jumped off waterfalls much higher than this and we actually talked about this in an interview about a year ago. It is a perspective photo and, aside from having to commit to wearing wet trousers for the rest of the day, Bernie was undeniably relaxed. You can tell if you look closely. Go ahead, zoom in!


Original Photo Rights owned by Positravelty LLC, on behalf of @positravelty

This one has been circulating a lot lately due to a meme created by someone on Twitter. This is, and again should be of no surprise, a perspective photo as well. The ground is literally where the photo ends and I (Kody) was able to stand and almost put my hand where I am sitting. Bernie simply walked up and down on the rock for the photo and he even carried the chair himself. Who knew Bernie was such a seasoned hiker? He actually carried our camera gear up as well... said he wanted to work out his hammies. The hillside where this rock rests slowly slopes down to the lake and you can just walk down it if you wish, but we found a nice angle so we shot it this way. Boom! Mystery solved.


Original Photo Rights owned by Positravelty LLC, on behalf of @positravelty

This is the final one for this article but the rest are on our Instagram. Here we see Bernie while he was traveling with us in Jordan. We went to Wadi Rum to look for Matt Damon (Bernie is a huge fan) but sadly the filming of The Martian was already over and Matt had already departed for home. Bummer. This is why he looks so solemn in this photo. You can’t blame him though, right? If I flew all the way to Jordan to look for Matt Damon in the desert and didn’t even find a potato I would be pretty distraught as well. We snapped a delightful photo during the search so Kelly and I both left feeling fulfilled. Anyway, let’s not spread fake news here… Bernie didn’t go to Jordan, Bali, Peru or anywhere with us for that matter and I have absolutely no idea if he likes Matt Damon or not. I like him though. I especially like the Bourne movies and The Martian is so epic that, since I am talking about it, I am going to watch it tonight. This was also a perspective photo and, even though we are certainly high up here, there is a platform a little ways below where the photo ends. It’s all about the angles! Photography 101… this lesson is on us. You’re welcome!

Well there you have it. We found ourselves laughing so hard at all the different memes going around and thought we would take a crack at it ourselves. We hope you enjoyed this little article about our (fake) adventures with Bernie Sanders and got a little laugh out of it as well. We need more lighthearted silliness in our lives, right? We have many more photos as part of the carousel we posted today so do yourself a favor and head on over to our little instagram account, @positravely, and check them out. You will be surprised to see that he also joined us on many other adventures. Click on the most recent post and swipe through the carousel.

Cheers everyone!

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