Tips on how to choose the right women's backpack for an outing.


How to choose your backpack for a summer outing?
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To start, it is, first of all, to choose a good backpack!

During the next weeks or months, it will become your extension, you will be at one with it at least 6 hours a day if you decide to trek! Carrying comfort, storage capacity, weight, pockets, and accessories... So many essential points, but how to find your way?

Based on more than 17000 customer feedbacks at Popmoca Bags and my personal experience, I'm going to give you my tips to find the ideal bag when you're a woman, which corresponds to my expectations and needs. Be careful, each one is different, so this is valid for me and my way of traveling :)

Tips on how to choose a backpack for women

1. Define your profile as a mover

Even before finding your bag, you have to know how you travel.

I'm a photography fan but I rarely go camping: I need a bag that can hold my clothes but also my camera equipment.

We often (or every trip) do treks and some days on the beach. So I need a compartment where I can store my walking shoes when I'm in flip-flops. However, I know that I am able to "deprive myself" and shoot only with 2 pairs of shorts and 3 t-shirts.

2. Don't let anyone choose for you!

Only you know if you are comfortable with your bag!

Once you've gotten advice from a salesperson about a particular bag, take your time: imagine putting your stuff in it, wearing it on your back to "feel" it. Are you afraid of being ridiculed in the store? We don't care! Better 1/2 hour of ridicule in your life, but an adapted bag, rather than a proud look in Decathlon that you will regret after the 3rd day at the end of the world :)

For my first bag, I let Chéri take care of it. He had found me a backpack with wheels. Useful to go on vacation and that we make few steps, a horror as soon as we decide to make a "trip". I then chose my own bag.

3. Ask yourself the right questions

Do I really need 3 different sweatshirts? Will I wear perfume? (isn't it Mr. Moustache :)

Exit the accessories, they are well named!

You'll see that your priorities when traveling are not the same as before leaving. Before, we are afraid to miss everything. During, the only things we think about are "Did we take a roll of toilet paper? And did we pack the phone charger in the bag?" :)

4. Take a bag adapted to women

And yes, there are backpacks for women. They have several special features:

they can be adjusted according to the height of your back. So, you won't have a bag that will block your thighs when walking because it will stick out too much at the bottom, or on the contrary, obstruct your view if it is too high!

they have a larger indentation for the chest,

Finally, the camber is particular at the level of the kidneys, to adapt perfectly to your morphology.

5. Pay attention to its capacity

The capacity of a backpack

The choice of the capacity of your backpack will depend on your profile as a traveler.

If you have well-targeted your expectations, it should be easy to know how much you need.

Generally, the capacity (L) is noted directly in the model of the bag

Tip: a woman's backpack should not exceed 60 liters in complete autonomy. For a day hike, 30 liters (approximately) is sufficient.

Being a small person (1m63 / 50kg) I need a bag that is between 50 and 60 liters maximum!

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