Swimming Pool Sinkhole Kills Man in Israel

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A sinkhole sprung up in a private swimming pool and killed a man. Authorities are still trying to piece together what happened after a sinkhole opened up in a private swimming pool in Karmei Yosef in central Israel. Two individuals were swept away by the receding water. On Thursday afternoon, a body was found at the scene by fire and rescue personnel.

After a four-hour recovery effort involving rescue workers being lowered deep into the ground, the body was found. Worries over the possibility of tunnels extending from the sinkhole hindered the search effort.

Rescuers work to find the body of a victim who was swallowed by a sinkhole in a swimming pool in Israel.Pool Magazine

The body of the man who had gone missing was discovered after a lengthy search by rescuers. Despite being stranded for an extended period of time, a 34-year-old guy was rescued and treated for minor leg wounds.

A pool party was taking place for a private firm when the tragedy occurred. According to one of the guests, about 50 individuals were in the vicinity at the time of the tragedy.

“The water level suddenly started receding and a hole opened up, creating a vortex that swept two people inside,” the guest told news sources.

She claimed that as soon as the sinkhole opened, a vortex emerged, quickly engulfing the victim. While she yelled at her coworkers to leave the pool, they initially thought it was a game. Fortunately, there were only six individuals in the pool at the time of the accident, which would have resulted in significantly more serious injuries and deaths.

After a few seconds, the ground suddenly fell... "I saw two people vanish," she continued. Currently, authorities are conducting an investigation to see if the pool had the right permits to operate.

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