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Growing your brand regardless of niche requires one key thing to ensure success: consistency. Consistency defines the brand, establishes an audience, and creates a relationship with the consumer. Being consistent isn't a linear concept either, nor is it transactional and maintaining consistency is often times one of the biggest hurdles amongst other business responsibilities. Eventually as a business owner, you may consider handing the management role to a social media team or manager as your brand grows. Until then, here are some quick tips to get into the habit of creating consistency across the board.

1.) Solidifying Branding

Consistency is important to inform your audience who you are, who you cater to, and what you offer without having to thumb through tabs of FAQs and About Me's. For example, you can look up a brand like Goop on Instagram and without having to scroll or read their bio, you'd already get a gist of what they're about. It's important to get your branding across with consistent themes, whether that's tone of voice in brand messaging, fonts, and colorways.

2.) Cross-Platform Consistency

Ensure that your branding is the same regardless of what platform you do use. It creates a sense of familiarity and makes it easier for your audience to identify you. It creates staying power in their brains as they navigate through the digital world. Word-of-mouth is the most popular form of marketing to date. If you've made an impression on someone, chances are they'll bringing your brand up in relevant conversations.

Hot tip: don't stick to just one platform. Creating trendy, up-to-date content will increase the likeliness of going viral or gaining exposure.

3.) Reach, Engagement & Posting

Be sure to be consistent in the way you address your audience whether that's personally or via your marketing strategies. If you speak casually with meme/reference-influenced nuances, don't switch it up on who you engage with by speaking in a more formal tone. Your verbiage creates personality and your audience will reflect that back to you.

When posting, be sure that not only your content is consistent but the amount of times you post is consistent as well. It creates predictability and stability in your relationship with the consumer. Think of your relationship with your audience as a relationship with a close friend. You have expectations for each other and needs to be met. What do those needs look like? Do you need transparency in a friendship? Reliability? Make sure those needs are fulfilled in order to create rapport.

Lastly, ensure that your hashtags and SEO methods are relevant to your brand. You don't want to attract a ton of traffic just to have zero sales because you're making impressions on those who don't align with your brand. The same thing applies when collaborating with other brands and influencers. Make it make sense.

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