5 Tips For Avoiding Burn Out


Burn out is every creative's worst nightmare. It can be mentally exhausting, emotionally draining, and even manifest into physical symptoms, such as lethargy and lack of appetite. Burn out usually occurs after being overworked paired with a lack of motivation and/or passion. Society has been conditioned into believing that the "grind" mentality is the key to success and that resting is a form of weakness. If you are not working, you are not productive. However, that same mindset is what leads to burn out in the first place. Contrary to popular belief, maintaining self-care routines is the solution to this everlasting problem. Hint: Sleep is not for the weak.

1.) Daily Meditation

Implementing daily meditation has proved to increase mental stamina and prevent information overload. Even 5 minutes of disconnecting from the world can drastically improve performance and overall health. Eventually increasing meditation sessions incrementally or twice daily will create balance in all aspects in your life. Meditation can be done passively too, whether in the shower or while driving, etc. Guided meditations can be found on any music-streaming platforms such as Spotify or Apple or even YouTube.

2.) Resting

Believe it or not, resting is considered productive. It helps ground the spirit as well as restores the body beyond the physical. By resting, you are allowing the body to better process any media it's consuming so that you can properly assess any situation.

3.) Working Out

Allowing your body to release any pent up energy is essential to ensuring you're not overloaded. Working out presents the opportunity to detach from your reality and offers a new perspective to any situations you're involved in. Not only does exercise produce dopamine, it also validates the spirit in knowing that you've accomplished something. Rewarding yourself for small achievements can increase your overall mental health as it reminds yourself that you can do anything.

4.) Journaling

Writing out your thoughts and emotions in a safe space is important for building trust with yourself as well as processing events in your life. Though pen and paper is recommended, digitally documenting your mental processes can achieve the same results. Doing a brain dump without filter can help you come to conclusions that you wouldn't have otherwise been able to reach when mulling over things in your head. This will also aid in highlight any patterns or triggers that need to be unpacked for healing. Alternatively, journaling is a great option if therapy isn't accessible for you.

5.) Quality Time

Spending quality time in nature, doing something you love, or with loved ones is such a healing act. Humans are built for social interaction and need to rely on their community for support. Doing something you love tends to your inner child and spending time in nature whether at the park or via hiking, can help ground the soul. Whatever it is you're called to do, prioritize doing so weekly. By giving yourself something to look forward to can feel rewarding after all the work. It can help inspire and reinvigorate your emotional well-being.

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