A Disney Instagrammers Guide to the Best Photo Spots in Magic Kingdom

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As Walt Disney World’s flagship park, Magic Kingdom has no shortage of things to photograph. So many things that it could become a little overwhelming! As one of the world’s most popular travel destinations, Walt Disney World does provide photography challenges. But also a ton of opportunities for magic! The Best Photo Spots in Magic Kingdom aren't hard to find. So, whether you’re taking family photos, photos for your Disney gallery wall or building your Disney content on Instagram, here are all the best photo spots in Magic Kingdom to add to your park photography checklist.

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Photography in Magic Kingdom 101

Magic Kingdom opened in 1971 as Walt Disney World’s first park. And is to this day its most popular park for both domestic and international travelers alike. As home to famous rides like Pirates of the Caribbean and Haunted Mansion, there are a variety of colors, palettes, and themes to photograph to your heart's content. With each land in the park presenting different attractions, storefronts, and details let's dig into where you can find everything. Magic Kingdom is broken into 6 lands, listed here.

  • Main Street U.S.A
  • Tomorrowland
  • Fantasyland
  • Liberty Square
  • Frontierland
  • Adventureland

A Disney Photoshoot Plan for Magic Kingdom

It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to photography buildings, details, or having a personal photoshoot, in Magic Kingdom, the crowds descend fast. So our best tip for grabbing photos of the best photo spots in Magic Kingdom is to arrive early! If this means booking an early breakfast reservation to get yourself into the parks, do it. If it means booking a Disney Resort so you have that extra 30 minutes from Early Park Entry, do that. When building a photoshoot plan for yourself it's important to think about not only all the Best Photo Spots in Magic Kingdom but also the logistics. Things like using a Photopass Photographer, visiting during times of day when the lighting is better and when crowds are lower can make or break a good photography day.

As Disney Park's opening plans often change it is worth the effort to make sure you're in the park as early as possible. Or as late as possible if you're tackling nighttime photography at Disney World. So be sure to check out the Disney 5-Day Calendar for current park hours.

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Disney Photography Tips

Disney Photography Pro Tip #1- Early Access to the Parks

Magic Kingdom often allows guests waiting near the opening time of the park to scan in and stroll Main Street U.S.A. before the rest of the park and rides open. Our best advice is to be at the park before rope drop (when the park officially opens). You may get lucky and get a chance to photograph spaces without people! You can also book an early breakfast at Be Our Guest, which gets you even further into the park for photos without people.

Disney Photography Pro Tip #2- Best Times to Visit

Depending on what you're aiming to photograph your "Best Time to Visit" could depend on a lot of factors! In Magic Kingdom morning lighting is beautiful. But if you’re trying to catch the latest digital show, then shifting your time to visit the evening hours is your best bet. We love Magic Kingdom all times of year but Fall and the Holiday Months are simply gorgeous. With decorations just about everywhere, you’ll get the opportunity to photography certain things that only come out once a year. Mickey wreaths, Christmas trees, and even characters in festive outfits await. Magic Kingdom is generally extremely crowded on Mondays! For this reason, a Tuesday or Wednesday photoshoot is usually your best bet.

Disney Photography Pro Tip #3- Best Lighting

No matter what park you visit, the best times of day to take photos usually stay the same. Florida is known for a gray haze during the hurricane season which lasts from June through November and the overall hot temperatures and humidity can cause problems for any lens. For this reason, early mornings when crowds are lower and the sun is still low in the sky (before 10 am) are ideal. Later in the day after 4 pm is also an excellent time to get some soft sunlit photos. Crowds at Disney and lighting in Florida typically become unbearable between 10-3 pm. With this in mind, it's best to load your photo work to the morning and evening hours.

Disney Photography Pro Tip #4- Best Disney Night Photography at Magic Kingdom

  • Cinderella’s Castle
    • The icon of Walt Disney World parks is Cinderella’s Castle in Magic Kingdom, and frankly, it is just as beautiful at night as it is during the day. If you’re visiting during any holidays or parties, you can also usually count on a digital show, or fireworks that can make your castle photos even more stunning.
  • Tomorrowland
    • Another gorgeous space at night. Tomorrowland’s entrance bridge is flanked by colors in the evening that frame the land behind it. This is a beautiful space and from many angles can provide wonderful composition in a photograph.
  • Rides and Attractions
    • It’s no surprise that some of the Best Photo Spots in Magic Kingdom are simply the well-lit rides. We LOVE the nighttime colors of the Haunted Mansion, the Tangled restroom area, and the Mad Tea Party.
  • Everywhere Else
    • In truth, all the Disney Parks have beautiful night spaces to photograph, so if you're looking for the Best Photo Spots in Magic Kingdom at night, plan to just roam the park. And take note of all our favorite spots in each area of the parks below.

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Main Street U.S.A.

Main Street U.S.A. is the first place you set foot when you’re visiting Magic Kingdom and it serves as a great starting place for photography. This area is based on Walt Disney’s hometown, Marceline, Missouri. With classic storefronts and some Victorian architecture, it’s a classic old-town main street area, perfect for photos. As the entrance to Magic Kingdom is also the exit, there will be a constant influx and outflux of traffic here. Grabbing photos of Main Street U.S.A early is important. As Main Street leads to Cinderella’s Castle in the distance, this is also your best bet for wider shots that include the buildings in this area framing the castle behind it.

Here are the Best Photo Spots in Magic Kingdom you can find on Main Street U.S.A.

  • Town Square
    • The Town Square area of Main Street U.S.A offers views of the Firehouse to the left and the Town Square Theater to the Right. This is the area of the park where you can also snag that central view of Cinderella’s Castle, character photos, and the Christmas Tree during the holidays.
  • Railway Station Balcony
    • When entering the park if you turn around you will notice the two-story Walt Disney World Railway station. This station offers great views from the second floor and a direct view of Main Street U.S.A.
  • Uptown Jewelers Courtyard
    • Halfway down Main Street if you look to the right, you will see a small courtyard space near the Uptown Jewelers. This little area is usually filled with flowers, cute storefronts and usually has a Disney balloon seller close by! Perfect for candid shots and staged scenes.
  • The Plaza Restaurant
    • The Plaza Restaurant has tables lined up with yellow umbrellas outside and makes a great little spot for an ice cream photoshoot since you can usually grab the castle in the background.

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Main Street Castle Area

  • Partners Statue
    • By far one of the most photographed spots in Magic Kingdom, the Partners statue features Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse, hand in hand. This statue looks great from the front or the side.
  • Castle Towers with a View
    • Cinderella’s Castle truly is beautiful from all sides, but if you’re finishing your Main Street photoshoot, be sure to grab a few photos from the spot under one of the Castle Towers. These two little towers, set to each side of the castle offer a great view of the Castle and you can sometimes even get the flowers in the foreground.
  • Hub Grass Fountains and Statues
    • One of the details to capture if you have the time is the small Disney character statues that adorn the stone posts near the Hub Grass Fountains. When taking photos of the fountains, play with a low shutter speed to get a smooth flow of water. We also love these statues for the way the bronze can sometimes catch the sunlight.

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Tomorrowland is currently home to all things futuristic. The main colors in this area are lavenders, whites, grays, and blues. Home to Astro Orbitor and Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin, you can also find plenty of colors if your future is a little brighter.

  • Tomorrowland Entrance Sign
    • The entrance of Tomorrowland frames the main walkway into this land beautifully. When photographed from a little distance away, you can get not only the sign and the Astro Orbiter in the background, but also the angled rocks in the foreground.
  • The Purple Wall
    • The most famous Disney Instagram Wall, the purple wall can be found under the Tomorrowland Terrace to the right of the main walkway. Be sure to grab a photo in front of both the solid Purple Wall and the Galactic Purple Wall geometric section.
  • Carousel of Progress Wall
    • A multicolored wall, this Disney Instagram Wall can work with any colorful outfit. Thankfully, this spot is out of the way enough to allow you plenty of time for any number of poses.


The Fantasyland area at Magic Kingdom is very large and spread out, so we’re going to share the best photo spots in Fantasyland as if you were walking it from the Tomorrowland side.

  • Mad Tea Party
    • One of the best spots to take photos at this attraction is from the Tea Party side of the Teacups. This area holds teacups and a teapot in the hedges and offers an excellent spot both in the daytime and in the nighttime when this area is lit.
  • Storybook Circus
    • Even if you are not a Dumbo fan, this area of the park is just fun! It’s bright and colorful, and happy. Dumbo the Flying Elephant, the Big Top Souvenir Shop sign, and the Circus posters are all worth photographing for some classic Disney photography.
  • Under the Sea: Journey of the Little Mermaid
    • Fantasyland goes from brightly colored spaces to a dulled stone castle with oranges and terracotta tones and Ariel herself at the helm of a ship. All parts of this attraction are beautiful to photograph.
  • King Triton
    • After snapping pictures at Under the Sea, if you turn around you will see a statue of King Triton. This makes a great spot for a photo if you’re a Little Mermaid fan.

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Fantasyland- Beauty and the Beast Area

  • Gaston’s Tavern Fountain
    • As you make your way onward, you’ll see Gaston’s fountain straight ahead. The best picture here is in front of the fountain with both the Gaston Tavern Sign and the Beast’s castle off in the distance.
  • Be Our Guest Restaurant- Outside
    • The Beauty and the Beast area includes the Be Our Guest Restaurant, which offers amazing views to photograph both outside the castle and inside. Outside be sure to snap pictures of the doors of the lion gargoyles and beautiful stained glass doors. And you can even see Beast's castle in the "distance" above the rocks.
  • Be our Guest Restaurant- Inside
    • Inside there are many, many things to photograph! Bell's Library room features beautiful paintings and a life-size Belle and Beast music box. The Ballroom has floor-to-ceiling arched windows and a balcony and chandeliers. You may even glimpse the Beast if you've booked dinner here. Probably the most difficult room to photograph is the Beast's West Wing Room, housing the Rose. This room is dark, very dark. So be sure to have a mini tripod and the right kind of lens to grab these indoor dark pictures. When you leave the Be Our Guest Restaurant, be sure to stop at the Belle and Beast Stained Glass Window. This is an ideal photo spot for Instagrammers and families alike.
  • Belle's Cottage
    • On your way out of Be Our Guest heading towards the castle, you'll notice another adorable area. With winding paths and gardens leading to the Storytime with Belle attraction. You may have completely missed this area if you don't have small children. If you're a Belle fan, however, when storytime is happening the pathways are usually clear for some cute pics.

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Fantasyland- Behind the Castle

  • Prince Charming Carousel and Towers
    • Walking towards the castle, you'll see angled castle towers that frame Prince Charming's Carousel. Word of warning, if this is a place you want to photograph, especially with Cinderella's Castle behind it, get in the parks early with early breakfast reservations and take those pictures asap. Because as soon as the park opens, this area becomes stroller parking and is a nightmare to navigate even without trying to take photos.
  • Cinderella’s Fountain
    • This most gorgeous fountain features a Cinderella bronze, with a pink, blue, and gold flowered wall behind her. This little fountain is the perfect spot to grab a picture or a pose. Cinderella's Fountain is across from Sir Mickey’s Gift Shop, right behind the castle.
  • Peter Pans Neverland Map Wall
    • Turning back towards Peter Pan's Flight, which also has a cute attraction sign to photograph, you'll have to walk a bit before you get to this Disney Instagram Wall. The Neverland Map Wall in Magic Kingdom is direct across from the stroller parking in the Tangled Restroom area. You'll find it in a covered walkway area. Note that this spot is usually where Peter Pan Meet and Greets take place, but there are several times throughout the day when there isn't a meet greet, or an attraction line covering this area. so grab the picture while you can.
  • Tangled Restroom Area and Tower
    • Heading across the midway to the Tangled area you will find murals, interesting posters, Hidden Pascals, and Rapunzel's Tower. We LOVE this area of the park, even though it's primarily used for strollers, bathrooms, and phone charging. Take some time to snap pictures of all the details here. And grabbing Rapunzel's Tower with a tree branch in the foreground always looks gorgeous.

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Liberty Square

  • Haunted Mansion
    • This brick mansion at Walt Disney World is interesting to be sure, but we love it most at Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party with the rolling fog and green and purple lights. If you're capturing this area during the day we recommend grabbing a spot in front of the iron gates at the front, with the mansion in the background.
  • Haunted Mansion Memory Wall and Pet Graveyard
    • At the exit of the Haunted Mansion, there's a gray stone wall with inscriptions that is set aside from the exit traffic and an easy spot to grab a picture. We also love the pet cemetery you can spot on the left-hand side before you leave the attraction. There's even a spot for Mr. Toad himself!
  • The Pillory and Stocks
    • A fun stop for a photo, to encompass all bad days, is the pillory and stocks near the Mark Twain Riverboat entrance in the heart of Liberty Square.
  • Scenery from the Mark Twain Riverboat
    • Big Thunder Mountain from the deck of the riverboat is a beautiful scene, especially at dusk. And a great opportunity for a pretty background if you want a good photo spot on deck.


Frontierland is covered in soft warm tones like browns, tan, fawn, and oranges. From Splash Mountain to Big Thunder Mountain to Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe, there are a bunch of photo spots here if you have the time and can navigate the crowds.

  • Front Porches
    • All throughout Frontierland, you will see long wide front porches, complete with cute props, sometimes rocking chairs, and things just waiting to be part of a picture.
  • Big Thunder Mountain
    • This photo spot can be anything you make it! With views of the roller coaster, cactus, and attraction sign, just pick which one works best for you!
  • Tom Sawyer Island
    • From the Frontierland area, you can catch a small boat over to the island. This little island is rarely inhabited but has all the nature you need for a wilderness photoshoot. Aim to head here in the afternoon when park crowds are heavy for a little escape.
  • Splash Mountain
    • Soon to be a Princess and the Frog ride, the best photo spots here are nearby the Brer Rabbit stand, on the bridge right in front of the mountain, and anywhere near the entrance where you can find the wooden structures that make for a great Toy Story Woody and Jessie theme.

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The last area in Magic Kingdom is Adventureland. By far the most colorful park of the park, this area is home to Jungle Cruise, the Enchanted Tiki Room, and Dole Whip.

  • Pirates of the Caribbean
    • Our favorite ride, this attraction is actually quite beautiful. With interesting spaces, terracotta and stone colors, wooden doors, and a few features outside of the attraction that belong to the Treasures of the Seven Seas game.
  • Enchanted Tiki Room
    • The best spot for a photo at the Enchanted Tiki Room is right inside near the waterfall wall fountain. We also love the Tiki Room building as a backdrop for a Dole Whip shot.
  • Jungle Cruise
    • We most love Jingle Cruise for the photos with the Skippers, cool posters, and beautiful Amazon river scenery. With so many beautiful things to photograph chances are you will find more than enough inspiration here. We suggest your best jungle-themed outfit so you can fit right in.
  • Sunshine Tree Terrace
    • This little Disney Snack stand is home to Orange Bird's Citrus Swirl. We like this area best for photos of the sign and snack pictures.

Best Photo Spots in Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom has many photo spots that are worthy of some time. As always, one of the main things to consider when planning a photo day in this park is that the crowds here, get heavy, fast. In order to alleviate that challenge, it is beneficial to tackle your priority areas first. Hopefully, this list has given you an idea of all the spaces that may warrant your time. Pick your favorites and head to those spots as soon as you're in the park, so you can make the most of your time.

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