What can happen if Indian PM Narendra Modi loses Lok Sabha polls in 2024?


Priyabrata Ganguly

No stupid decisions would be taken out of the blue. BJP has the capacity to take single-handed decisions which jerk the economy and normal life unexpectantly and bring a lot of suffering. e.g. Demonetization, GST, sudden lockdown. All these decisions were taken with good intentions but were not implemented properly.

India would have a credible, competent opposition. Congress as the opposition is useless. The opposition’s job is to oppose stupid decisions and offer alternatives. Instead of doing this they oppose good decisions but don’t oppose bad decisions which have created resentment. BJP would be a strong opposition that keeps Congress in check.

Better relation with Bangladesh, Nepal. BJP neglected Bangladesh and Nepal which can hurt our geopolitical interests.

More democracy. BJP often pressurizes independent govt institutions which might cause problems in the future.

Infrastructure development will stop. Congress is terrible at infrastructure development. It takes them 50 years to build one terrible road while BJP builds 50 roads in a year. BJP has launched multiple projects which other parties might not complete.

India won’t play geopolitics. Before BJP India only made friends with Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, etc. but BJP made friends with many other countries as well. Congress might not have the dedication to do this. China and Pakistan will take advantage of this.

No new reforms will be made. Policy paralysis has always been the norm for non-BJP parties. They don’t have the political will to make large-scale reforms. Reforms like Swatch Bharat and Digital India might not happen anymore.

So let's see what happens in 2024.

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