Biden Declares Emergency Area in California due to Wildfires

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California has been designated a disaster area by US President Joe Biden as a result of the wildfires that have been burning for over a month in the state. He will go to the state on Monday in order to evaluate the situation. According to the White House, Biden will also promise national assistance.

The state of California alone has seen more than 6,800 wildfires, both large and small, destroying an estimated 700,000 acres of wildlife this season. Because the resources available to battle fires have been reduced to a "dangerously low level," the authorities have called on the firemen to perform to the best of their abilities.

Climate change scientists believe the flames are being fuelled by unusually hot and dry weather, which has contributed to the outbreak. The flames that have engulfed California this year are among the most destructive on record. During typical summers, the state is also plagued by wildfires, which are a frequent occurrence.

"President Biden has declared a major disaster in the state of California and has ordered federal assistance to complement the efforts of the state, tribal and local governments in the affected areas," the White House said.

From spring through late fall, the state of California has a climate that is dry, windy, and generally warm. When flames begin to spread under these circumstances, they may rapidly grow into huge fires that can have a catastrophic impact on the environment.

Occasionally, flames are fueled by strong, dry winds known as Diablo winds in Northern California and Santa Ana winds in Southern California, which may be found in both regions.

California wildfires are getting more and more hazardous as more structures are constructed in rural regions that are susceptible to flames. As a consequence of climate change, there is also an increase in danger. Wildfire suppression costs the United States' taxpayers about $3 billion each year, according to the National Fire Protection Association. Major flames have the potential to cause billions of dollars in property damage.

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