Gov. Walz: Minnesotans to receive $1,000 stimulus checks as per new plan


Minnesota residents will receive checks up to $1,000 per household to offset steep prices for fuel and raging inflation. The state governor Tim Walz has proposed a plan to send out $1,000 rebate checks to about 2.7 million households in the state.

The proposal, if approved by legislature, plans to send $500 for single filers and $1,000 for married couples. The rebates would be limited to individuals making less than $164,400 and couples who earn less than $273,470.

Announcing the plan, Governor Tim Walz said:

It’s very much alive. I'm willing to compromise, but I’m not going to compromise out a top priority of mine, so that’s it. The plan remained popular with Minnesotans and could provide a boost to Minnesotans as well as the state's economy. Lawmakers didn't need to risk their political capital to bring it forward, as he was willing to take it on. It would be about $2 billion of the surplus and send it back in checks right now to make a difference at the pump, to make a difference at the grocery store until we get stability in Ukraine, get Russia out of Ukraine, get some stability in our prices.

The plan for tax cuts was helped by a record surplus of nearly $9.3 billion, the result of sustained corporate profits during the pandemic that were higher than state forecasts expected, while consumer spending remained strong.

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