Millions of Illinois Snapchat users could benefit as class action seeks big payout from Snapchat

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Two Illinois residents allege in a new lawsuit that Snapchat is violating a state privacy law by scanning and storing faceprints. On May 11, attorney James C. Vlahakis, of the Sulaiman Law Group, of suburban Lombard, filed suit in Chicago federal court against Snap Inc. The class-action lawsuit was filed on behalf of named plaintiffs Maribel Ocampo and Adrian Coss.

The 33-page complaint alleges Lenses feature by Snapchat violates the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act.

Snapchat’s Lenses Feature involved and/or involves the use of technology to create a face scan or face template of a user where the Feature involved creating, obtaining and storing of a user’s unique "biometric identifiers" and/or "Biometric information. Collection, use, modification, monetization and/or storage of a user’s "biometric identifiers" and/or "Biometric information" is in violation of Section 15(1) of BIPA.

The lawsuit aims to cover all Illinois residents who used the Snapchat app and had their biometric information or identifiers obtained through the app without first providing written consent as mandated by the Illinois BIPA.

Recently, about 1.42 million Illinois Facebook users received settlement checks of up to $400 for collecting and storing “biometric data” without consent. Google has also agreed to pay $100 million to end the claims against them, related to face scans in the Google Photos app.

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