New Colorado bill will allow people conceived through egg or sperm donation to learn their biological parent’s identity

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A bill that would ensure that donor-conceived people can learn the identity of the donor when they turn 18 was passed in the Colorado House and Senate. It also sets limits on the number of families to whom any one particular donor can provide their gametes. The bill is now headed to Gov. Henry McMaster's desk.

Senate Bill 224, the first of its kind in the U.S. would require licensing for sperm banks, egg banks, and fertility clinics beginning in 2025. The facilities would also be required to maintain updated contact information and the medical history of all donors.

State Representative Matt Soper, one of the main sponsors of the bill said:

They need to understand what the ramifications are of making the decision to be a donor and likewise with families because it really is a three-legged stool between the donor, the families, and then, of course, the child that comes from the donation.There has been a great deal of abuse in this area. We are getting a handle on it. This bill is part of that.

Several states, like Texas and Indiana, have recently passed laws to stop fertility fraud after reports surfaced of fertility doctors misusing their sperm. There are 42 fertility clinics and 4 gamete banks in Colorado. Nationally, an estimated 30,000 to 60,000 children are conceived using donors every year.

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