New York City, NY

NYC wants 25% of its street space to be converted into walkable pedestrian plazas, bike lanes


A new plan backed by the city’s new mayor intends to convert 25 percent of New York city’s car space into space for people by 2025. Supporters of the plan say that with heavy use of public transport, dense neighborhoods, and a majority of households not owning a car, New York City is an obvious choice for car-free space.

Danny Harris, executive director of Transportation Alternatives, said:

If you live in a place where buying a car and spending $10,000 a year on car-related payments is your only way to get around, then your leaders have failed you and your children. Using streets to simply move and store cars is not optimizing that space. We just got blinded by the car industry and this belief that we should put an SUV in every garage. Right now, we give most of New York to cars – but imagine if sidewalks were bigger if you could bike or quickly take the bus anywhere you wanted if you didn’t have huge mounds of garbage on every single street.

Studies have shown that average travel speeds for the borough south of 60th Street have plummeted from 9.1 mph in 2010 to 7.1 mph in 2017 while the speeds in Midtown fell from 6.4 mph to a measly 5 mph in the same period.

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