Gov Mills : $850 relief checks are being sent to an estimated 858,000 Maine residents


An estimated 858,000 Mainers will receive direct checks of $850 to offset steep prices for fuel and raging inflation. The move comes as Governor Janet Mills signed the supplemental budget into law this week.

To be eligible, individuals must file a 2021 Maine individual income tax return by October 31, 2022 as a full-time Maine resident. The first round of checks will go out in June, and additional checks will roll out through the end of the year.

Announcing the plan, Governor Mills said:

We have shown once again that through hard work, Democrats, Republicans, and Independents can come together to do what is right for Maine people — and that we can do so without the rancor or bitter partisanship that has divided Augusta in the past. We may not be able to control inflation or global markets, but we can make sure that Maine people have what they need to grapple with these rising costs – and that is what we are doing. Today, I am here to say to Maine people: help is on the way. You are our greatest asset – and this budget delivers for you.

The move comes as state forecasters recently raised their estimate of a record budget surplus for the coming year to more than $1.2 billion, thanks to federal spending and rosier-than-expected revenue forecasts.

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