West Virginia angler smashes state record With 61-Pound blue catfish


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On Friday, April 8, West Virginia angler Cody Carver landed a 61-plus-inch blue catfish in West Virginia’s Kanawha River that bests the current state-record fish by 2 pounds. The record fish weighed 61.28 pounds and eclipsed the previous state record of 59.74 pounds held by Mark Blauvelt.

West Virginia Department of Natural Resources said in a statement:

West Virginia’s navigable rivers continue to produce hefty catfish, including one that recently broke the state record for weight. On April 8, Cody Carver of Dry Branch, WV, caught and released a blue catfish that broke the state record for weight while fishing from a boat in the Marmet Pool of the Kanawha River. He was using cut shad for bait. Carver’s record catch was measured by WVDNR hatchery manager Ryan Bosserman.

Carver’s record fish measured 45.51 inches long, which is well short of the state blue cat length record of 50.15 inches, caught by angler Justin Goode in 2021 from the Ohio River.

Blue catfish are native to major rivers of the Ohio, Missouri, and Mississippi river basins. Blue catfish commonly attain weights of 20 to 40 pounds and may reach weights well in excess of 100 pounds. It is reported that fish exceeding 350 pounds landed from the Mississippi River during the late 1800s.

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