Fayetteville, AR

Fayetteville to hold invasive plant bounty program in April, tree of heaven is being included this year


The City of Fayetteville’s invasive plant Bounty Program garnered national attention in the past three years, with many people wishing their own communities would offer such a program.

This spring, Fayetteville, Arkansas will hold its fourth annual invasive plant bounty program. The city will give away one native tree or native shrub to each person that removes the invasive plants which include Bradford pear trees, bush honeysuckle, Chinese Privet, and the tree of heaven.

To qualify, residents should take a picture of their cut-down invasive tree or shrubs and email a picture of the removed plant to the Urban Forestry department. Trees will be given away on a first-come-first-serve basis. 50 native trees—including bald cypress, red oak, black gum, and chinquapin oak—and 25 native shrubs will be available to choose from. John Scott, the city’s urban forester said in a statement:

Invasive species threaten habitat and native species by outcompeting native plants for critical resources. They spread quickly and choke out native trees, shrubs and flowers. Invasive plants usually have vigorous growth, reseed prolifically, displace natives, negatively alter forest environments and prevent natural habitat regeneration.

As the city is unable to cut down trees or shrubs for residents, property owners should cut their trees or shrub or hire a company.

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