Botswana holds second auction of elephant hunting permits


With over 130,000 elephants living within its boundaries, Botswana is home to the world's largest elephant population. The country successfully auctioned elephant hunting permits for local and international hunters to hunt 83 elephants.

There were six packages for hunting elephants as well as two packages for hunting other wildlife. The eight packages were bought at an amount of $2 million.

Home to a third of Africa's declining elephant population, Botswana lifted a five-year ban on trophy hunting in 2019. The government has already issued 287 licenses for trophy hunting this year. Director of wildlife and national parks, Duncan Senyatso, who announced the decision said:

Yes, it is true that we will hold another auction for hunting and the package includes different species, among them elephants. Thus far I would say we haven’t received any objection from international animal activists denouncing our decision to auction.The funds raised from the auction would be used for conservation purposes.

Many organizations have criticized the move. In a statement, Future for Elephants - a conservation organization, said:

There is a great risk of negative effects on the gene pool of the animals because usually the biggest and most magnificent elephants are hunted.

Hunters are also allowed to kill other species, including buffaloes, crocodiles, and leopards during the hunting season. Last year, Botswana earned $2.7 million by selling permits for hunting elephants. It claims that elephants are not an endangered species and that hunting helps to manage the population.

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