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Climate change-induced heatwave may cause a Christmas tree shortage this year


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In June 2021, an extraordinary heatwave scorched the Pacific Northwest not seen there in modern times. Portland, Oregon, which usually see temperatures in the seventies saw temperatures climb to 116 degrees, reaching an all-time record. Hundreds of people died across the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia. World Weather Attribution network, A team of scientists from various countries termed human-caused climate change as the main cause for the unusual weather event.

The impact of the extreme weather event is now causing a shortage of Christmas trees in the market. As per the Pacific Northwest Christmas tree growers association, of the estimated 15 million trees harvested by American growers during the 2017 Christmas season, more than 5.4 million came from Pacific Northwest states.

Chal Landgren, who owns a Christmas tree farm in northern Oregon says:

Our little farm was in one of the hottest areas in the state, and we lost most of our 7- to 8-foot noble firs and noble firs are some of the most popular Christmas trees

Jacob Hemphill, the owner of Hemphill Tree Farm, recounted the damage to his saplings during the extreme heatwave.

The second day of the heat, it was 116. I came in the driveway that night and seen the trees were basically cooking. Burnt down to nothing.

According to experts, up to 20% of the Oregon tree supply may have been affected by extreme weather events.

Meanwhile, it may be harder to find an artificial Christmas tree too this year due to the ongoing supply chain disruptions. The majority of the artificial Christmas trees are manufactured in China.

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