Conservation group aims to end trophy hunts by buying up all hunting rights


The Raincoast Conservation Foundation is hoping to stop trophy hunting by buying up all commercial hunting licenses in an area larger than the US State of Connecticut in the Great Bear Rainforest in British Columbia. The foundation currently holds the hunting rights to more than 14,000-square-miles of the B.C. coast – an area larger than the US State of Maryland.
Great bear RainforestJasper Malchuk

The foundation, which already has six trophy hunting tenures in the area is planning to purchase the 7,042-square-mile tenure for a price of $1.92 million should fundraising efforts be successful by the new year.

Brian Falconer, Raincoast’s guide outfitter coordinator says:

I’m quite confident, we have had great support for this project. The acquisition of this huge tenure will support a vibrant and growing wildlife viewing industry. And it will protect generations of wildlife forever. This is part of a just transition to a new economy.

Hunting tenures in British Columbia provide guide outfitters with the right to take people from outside the province to trophy hunt in the designated areas. Resident hunters, whose primary home is in B.C., will still be permitted to hunt animals in the Great Bear Rainforest.

The group says that with the current purchase, it will have hunting rights of 79 percent of the Great Bear Rainforest, an area known worldwide for its stunning landscapes and abundant wildlife. The ban on trophy hunting will aid the non-extractive conservation economy, as there are more than 19 eco-tourism companies within this tenure that rely on respectful wildlife viewing.

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