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In This Moment Performing At Sherman Theater Tonight

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By Thomas Kwan

In This Moment is an American alternative metal band from Los Angeles, California. The band members are composed of singer Maria Brink, guitarist Chris Howorth, rhythm guitarist Randy Weitzel, bassist Travis Johnson, and drummer Kent Diimmel.  

The wisdom and wonder of women are front and center as a statement with this tour. Greek mythology, such as oracles celebrating the Mother Goddess, tarot cards, and High Priestess are a running theme on their newest album. Using the fierce, focused, hypnotic side of femininity, In This Moment unearths the raw imaginative power of the supernatural for this concert. Jagged heavy metal, smokey voodoo blues blended into a hypnotic symphony many will find unique, awe-inspiring, and enjoyable.

After an influential visit to Salem, Massachusetts, home of the famous witch trials the band got a burning desire to bring that vibe to their music and performance.

“It’s like we’re going into the next realm,” said Maria Brink.“I had a conviction of feeling empowered in my life and with myself. I always write from a personal place, and I needed to share that sense of strength. I’ve never been afraid to hold back. Sometimes, I can be very suggestive. However, I wanted to show our fans that this is the most powerful side of myself and it’s without overt sexuality. It’s that deeper serious fire inside of my heart.”

“What Maria is saying comes from deep inside,” said Chris Howorth 

“We were really tapping the energy there,” Maria says. 

“We were honoring each other. I was seeking inspiration and experience to inspire me in this album. I was trying to find a lot of truth in myself. I loved Salem. I was blown away by how visually beautiful it is. The history of the witch burnings is fascinating," Said Maria. 

The supernatural element, the witch burnings and trials, candles, crystals, incense, and a crackling fireplace all aided them in their journey to bringing wonder and mysticism into their latest album.

“We love Black Widow, but it was very electronic,” said Chris

“This is a little more organic, emphasizing guitars, bass, drums, and vocals. We slowed down the groove a little bit.

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 Doors: | 6pm // Show: | 7pm $40

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