New York, NY

My name is Tatiana, but you can call me Plant Mama! I am a 23 year old house plant and garden enthusiast living in New York City with my collection of 100 indoor plants and propagations! I am originally from Florida, so you will definitely see lots of sun-loving and tropical plants in my urban jungle! My content is focused on my journey as a plant parent, with an authentic look at the challenges of having a plant obsession in a small space. I love to share plant tips and DIYs, plant shopping hauls, reviews of garden products, and anything else related to growing plants inside and outdoors. My plant influencer days began in March 2020 when I started my TikTok dedicated to all things plants. I quickly realized I also wanted to create longer form videos for plant lovers and launched Plant Mama Tatiana on YouTube a month later. In a short time and due to my professional experience as a marketer, I have created a dedicated audience of plant lovers, with over 18K followers on TikTok and 2.85K subscribers on YouTube!