Update: How many migrants have been bused to Washington D.C. from the border by Texas Gov. Abbott since April?

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In April, Texas Governor Abbott announced he would begin shipping illegal immigrants to Washington D.C. in response to the Biden administration's attempt to repeal Title 42.

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Title 42 was enacted during the Covid crisis by the Trump Administration, making sending migrants back to the other side of the border easier for overwhelmed border agents, eliminating steps and paperwork.

Border agents and border states claim Title 42 is necessary to keep some control over the situation at the border, which they say is "out of control" already.

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Missouri joined several other states in a lawsuit against the Biden administration to stop the repeal of Title 42. A federal court ruled in favor of the states and blocked the Biden Administration from moving forward with its plans in May.

Many politicians said Governor Abbott's idea was nothing short of a publicity stunt; however, three months later, buses are still dropping off migrants at the nation's capital.

According to the Washington Examiner, Abbott has sent 150 buses carrying 6,000 immigrants to D.C. since April.

The Washington Examiner reported that D.C. is feeling the weight of the border problem with an average of only 100 immigrants a day, and Democrats in the capital are complaining they cannot handle the number of migrants dropped off every day,

The mainly Democratic City Council sent a letter to Mayor Muriel Bowser asking for district resources to help volunteers dealing with the immigrants dropped off in D.C.,

"After three months with no direct support from the District government, they are burned out and overwhelmed."

According to voanews.com, Governor Abbott tweeted,

"This is only a tiny fraction of what we are dealing with daily at the border. Biden won't come to the border, so we continue to take the border to him." -Gov. Greg Abbott, Texas

The leader of the Sanctuary DMV, Madhvi Bahl, told the Washington Examiner they were taking a two-day break in response to a Covid exposure and also to "protest of the unsustainable conditions created by the lack of government response."

The Washington Examiner reports an average of 7,000 illegal immigrants are attempting to cross into the U.S. daily.

Governor Abbott says the numbers are straining the budgets of local governments in border states and causing significant issues for its citizens. He also says the amount of Fentynal seized and the drugs making it across the border have the potential to kill every American in this country.

The Texas Governor is also continuing the construction of the border wall where the previous administration left off. Using donations from borderwall.texas.gov, the state of Texas is currently building the border wall in Texas.

As of July 15, 2022, the site received $55,332,260 in donations to continue building the border wall. Another fundraiser on the site collects money to assist in busing immigrants to the capital. That fundraiser shows $116,382.00 in donations.

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