The west is considering diverting water from the Mississippi River to solve its water woes.

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States like Arizona, Nevada, and California are experiencing long-term water shortages and drought.

The Colorado River is at historic lows. Last year the state of Arizona asked Congress to study the possibility of diverting water from the Mississippi to the West to solve their water issues in states with depleted water sources.
Is diverting water west from the Mississippi River a good idea?wikipedia

There are many conflicting opinions on this matter.

  • Will limiting the amount of water emitted into the oceans prevent rising sea waters?
  • Would diverting water from the Mississippi assist in eliminating all of the devastating floodings along the Mississippi banks?
  • Would the saline equilibrium be affected in the ocean?
  • Would diverting the water affect the midwest and our water supply?
  • Invasive species will be introduced into other water systems; how will that work in the grand scheme of things?
  • How will the natural wetlands and their species of the Mississippi be affected?
  • Would the droughts in the midwest be even worse than usual if water is diverted?
  • Would diverting the water dry up the Mississippi and make it impassable for barges and transporting commodities needed throughout the country?

The Mississippi is used to transport 60% of U.S. grain shipments, 22% of oil and gas shipments, and 20% of coal.

Moving the water from the Mississippi west would mean piping it 1,800 miles across five states, through the Rocky Mountains, and defying gravity because of elevation differences. The cost would be billions of dollars. Who would foot that bill?

The diversion idea is a costly project with many unanswered questions.

What are your thoughts on diverting water to the West from the Mississippi?

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