Part 3: Parents find similarities in the deaths of their kids in Washington & Madison counties Missouri & want answers.

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The story of Jacob Kirkpatrick's death is another case swept under the rug by Sherriff Katy Mccutcheon of the Madison County Sheriff's Department.
Jacob KirkpatrickKelly Kirkpatrick

A man named Jacob Kirkpatrick is joining the already growing list of inconsistent & false autopsies. Madison County wrote his death off as an overdose/accident. Depending on what paragraph you read in the autopsy conclusion report, it could be either. The problem is it was neither. I was able to gain an exclusive interview with his mother, Kelly.

Jake was 25 years old when he died. In the past, Jake struggled with meth and served some prison time; however, he was pulling his life together.

He obtained a good job, went to church every Sunday, and paid his bills. Because he was trying to get on his feet, he decided on July 12, 2020, to stop by someone's house who owed him money.

He had a girl drop him off there that he had spent a sober night with on July 11. She told Kelly, that Jake was happy and sober when she dropped him off.

Kelly said, "I've heard many stories from Jake's friends, and they all vary somewhat regarding the circumstances around his death, but I know he was sober and getting his life together. He was going to church every Sunday and working."

There were numerous people at the home when Jake died. They told different stories to different people. The story told to the police was about a woman named Angela Ogle.

"Angela was a girl who did ten years in prison for giving someone heroin that killed him," Kelly said. She went on to say, "The police were trying to convince me that Angela was my son's girlfriend and that he was trying to talk her out of doing heroin."

"Some people at the house claimed my son said, "you wanna see someone do heroin, watch this!" "They said he then took a needle, stuck it in his arm, and shot himself up with heroin."

Kelly also said several people contacted her afterward that night and told her many different things. She said, "One girl said she tried to knock the needle out of Jacobs's hand but couldn't." Considering the needle needs to go into a vein, this story is clearly false. It isn't hard to knock a needle out of someone's hand when they are shooting up.

"That story is completely false," Kelly said. Kelly sent me his autopsy report, and we discussed the results. Kelly explained her son's past and drug addiction that led him to his sobriety, "He was clean and getting his life together." "Nothing about that story adds up."

"First of all, I know who my son dated, and I had never heard of this girl before in my life, and neither had anyone in our family and friends circle." "Also, a girl he just spent the night with dropped him off at the house, and she was supposed to pick him up later, and Angela had a boyfriend." "The police believed the story, though."

"My son was not dating this Ogle girl," Kelly said. Kelly went on to say, "Another girl told me when he went to stick the needle in, she was trying to knock it out of his hand." "It was crazy the things people said." "That is the opposite of what my son would do."

"He hated heroin," she said. I then asked her what his "drug of choice" was when he was using, and she said, "Meth, he used to use meth, he has never been into heroin, my son would never do heroin, he hated it."

"He especially would not shoot himself up with heroin for some random girl to keep her from doing it." "He was not romantically involved with that girl, but if he were trying to help her, he would invite her to church and help her get help; never would he view shooting himself up with a drug he hates as a solution."

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"When I started asking around about who this girl was, I was told by Jake's friends that she did ten years in prison for killing someone else with heroin." "Someone told me that the guy she did prison time for was not the first person she killed." "People in that circle claim she gave "hot shots" to several people and caused them to overdose."

A "hot shot" is a lethal amount of a combination of drugs injected into someone purposely to cause death and typically is easy to play off as an "overdose."

When you look Angela Ogle up on, it appears she was initially charged with murder but took a deal for a lesser sentence. Plea deals are a standard technique used by prosecutors to save the state time and money on a costly trial.

State appears by APA King; Defendant appears in person and with APD Campbell. Defendant files a written waiver of arraignment, which the Court approves, and enters a plea of not guilty to the charge of Ct. I Distribution of a Controlled Substance, Ct. II Murder Second Degree, and case is passed to April 23, 2010, Law Day for filing all needed pre-trial motions and for trial setting.

"I was told my son had an altercation with someone at the house and hit over the back of the head." "They told me he was given a "hot shot" and thrown in the road to make it look like he died from being hit by a car."

A "hotshot" is an escalated variety of heroin. "Hotshots," also known as "the gray death," are batches of heroin that include other opioids in addition to heroin. In most cases, these opioids are stronger than heroin by itself, sometimes by a degree of more than one hundred times.

Fentanyl is one the most common killers included in hotshots. Fentanyl has proven itself to be deadly and is roughly 100 times more potent than morphine. It's also about 50 times more potent than heroin.

"The reason I believe this version of the story is because it fits the pathology report, which shows the levels of drugs in his system. The report in itself is conflicting." According to the pathology report, Kelly said, "The levels of fentanyl in his blood were more than twice the lethal dose."

Kelly went on to say, "The lethal dose of fentanyl is 1.3 ng/ml, and he had 2.9 ng/ml in his system along with other things." "It is clear by the toxicology report that a "lethal cocktail" was injected in him." "If he only had meth in his system, that would make sense."
The toxicology report in Jacob Kirkpatrick's death shows fatal elevated levels of drugs.Kelly Kirkpatrick.
Fentanyl undergoes rapid hepatic metabolism in humans and produces the inactive metabolite norfentanyl in 90–120 seconds

Morphine Free indicates heroin. This is what heroin turns into upon administration. Jacob's level was 570 ng/ml. 200ng/ml and more results in a fatal outcome. Not only did he have heroin in his system, but also fentanyl.

The 6-monoacetylmorphine free also indicates heroin overdose.

According to the toxicology reports, there is no way Jake would have made it to the road after injecting those levels of narcotics directly into his bloodstream.

"One of the substances found in his toxicology report was indicative of heroin," "a by-product shows up in your blood, indicating heroin was injected but had not yet had time to break down." Kelly said, "If he had shot all those drugs up, he would have been dead within two minutes."

Kelly also said, "There is no way he shot the drugs up and then walked to the road, down a hill, and passed out." and Kelly went on to say, "He would have had to sit in the middle of the road and shot up in the dark in the middle of the night."

When injecting drugs such as those found in Jake's system, the effects would have been immediate, rendering him unable to walk, talk, etc. He would have died within minutes.

Kelly sent me the autopsy, and as I read it, she pointed out the inconsistencies in the conclusion of his death.

Likely died as a result of multiple blunt force injuries, resulting from being struck by a motor vehicle. The deceased had significant levels of Methamphetamine, Fentanyl, and Morphine in his system.The levels present certainly could have rendered Mr. Kirkpatrick unconscious prior to the accident, and very well could have been fatal, prior to being struck. MANNER OF DEATH: Accident. -Dr. Deidiker
Conflicting results for Jacob Kirkpatrick's "Conclusion of Death" signed by Dr. Deidrick.Kelly Kirkpatrick

The autopsy also stated the deceased was healthy, and the body was that of a well-developed and well-nourished 220 lb man. This is evidence that what Kelly said about her son's sobriety is true.

Kelly told me, "I've never known my son to do all those other drugs, and after being sober, if he relapsed, it would be on meth," "That was an intentional lethal dose of a combination of drugs to kill him."

Kelly also said, "I am not claiming my son is perfect; it is possible that he relapsed," she then said, "I am saying he did not relapse on fentanyl and the levels of methamphetamine in his body were not realistic either."

Kelly said, "Several people told me someone hit him over the head, and they broke his neck because he was mad about something." "When they realized they broke his neck, they decided to kill him, throw him in the road, and act like he walked off," Kelly told me, "The autopsy tells a different story."

Kelly said, "There were two fractures in his neck, one was caused by being run over, but there was also a "straight-line fracture" in his neck." "There is no way the straight-line fracture in his neck was caused by being run over," Kelly said.

Upon reviewing the autopsy report, it seems walking the distance from the house he was at to where he was "run over" after injecting the amount of drugs reported on the toxicology reports would have been impossible. The distance was a little over a block and down a steep hill.

Kelly told me, "He likes to smoke pot and drink coffee," she went on to say, "The other combination of drugs in his system is not realistic to who he was at the time or even who he was when he was in active addiction."

"My son was a big guy; he had 700 people at his funeral." "He had a lot of friends," "He was a fighter though," "He always stuck up for the underdog, and he was not afraid to fight." Kelly went on to say, "If he were angry, they would have had to hit him over the head with something;" "no one would have been able to beat him without knocking him out."

Kelly said that just 20 minutes before he died, he called a childhood friend seven times to try and get a ride out of there. His friend was asleep and missed his calls. Kelly then said, "The same friend that he called over and over was murdered three months later." Kelly also stated, "It's the same group of people who hang with the James Wade people, and one of them used to live with Wade previously," said Kelly.

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Kelly said, "Madison County Sheriff's Department refused to listen to me, and to them, it was an open and shut case." She said, "Their explanation was my son left the house after he shot up and was laying in the middle of the road because he wanted to commit suicide and he was run over," and "none of the evidence or the stories make sense."

Kelly said, "The autopsy contradicts itself and I want charges brought in my son's death." "His death was never even investigated." Kelly also said, "There is so much more going on in this town, but it's nothing anyone wants to start digging into, bad stuff."

Kelly said, "The person who did this is free to do it again." Kelly went on to tell me a story of a time shortly after her son's death when she was driving home and had to drive past the house where he died.

Kelly said, "I saw the house owner standing outside, and I pulled into the driveway." Kelly said, "I was hysterical and crying, and I said to him, you don't know me, but I know you; my son was Jacob."

Kelly went on to say, "He told me he used to be a firefighter and someone told him Jacob was slumped over in the driveway, and he went out to check on him, and he was sitting there slumped over." "He told me he thought Jake was playing around and went back inside" "He said don't you think I would have saved him if I could?"

Kelly said at that point; that she was so upset that she had just left. She also said that shortly after her son's death the known "drug house" that usually had many cars outside all day and night, no longer had any traffic. Everyone disappeared.

Kelly also told me about the day she was at her church making plans to put her son to rest. She said the highway patrol showed up with a suicide specialist to try and convince her it was a suicide.

They also asked her if she knew anyone who would do a controlled buy at the house so they could bust the people at the house for drugs. She could not believe they were asking her this at the church when she was trying to plan her son's funeral. She said she told them she would never put anyone in danger like that, especially after what happened to her son.

Kelly said the highway patrol told her they knew terrible things were going on at the house but could not do anything without anyone willing to set them up.

Jacobs's case was closed before Kelly received the autopsy report. When I asked her if she asked them to investigate further, she said, "I called the police, and I told them I had evidence it was murder, and they told me the case was closed, and I needed to move on."

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Part 2: Parents find similarities in the deaths of their kids in Washington & Madison counties Missouri & want answers.

Part 3: Parents find similarities in the deaths of their kids in Washington & Madison counties Missouri & want answers.

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(K. Kirkpatrick, interview, May 9, 2022.)

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